Horizon Zero Dawn, Remastered or Remake?

Horizon Zero Dawn, Remastered or Remake?
Horizon Zero Dawn, Remastered or Remake?

It’s hard to believe it’s already been over 5 years since Horizon Zero Dawn first released on PS4. At the time, the game’s stunningly beautiful open world and creative creature designs made it an instant classic. Now, with the recent release of Horizon Forbidden West on PS5, fans are eager to see the original Zero Dawn reimagined for today’s more powerful hardware.

Forbidden West Sets a New Visual Bar

Forbidden West raised the bar in many ways. The facial animations display a new level of expressiveness that makes conversations with characters far more lifelike. Aloy herself appears more detailed, right down to the individual hairs on her head, and the environments, from detailed forests to crumbling ruins, are rendered with an unparalleled fidelity. Simply put, Forbidden West represents a visual leap over its predecessor.

Enhanced Combat and Machines

Horizon Zero Dawn, Remastered or Remake?

Of course, it’s not just about the graphics. Forbidden West also introduced new gameplay systems that give players more freedom and flexibility. There’s a wider variety of weapons like the Boltblaster, Spike Thrower, and Shredder Gauntlets, each with their own unique abilities. Aloy also has more strike moves and skill tree upgrades to unlock, offering new tactical options in combat.

The machines in Forbidden West also showcase more intelligent designs and behaviors. New overridable aerial and underwater machines like Sunwing and Waterwing pose a completely new experience. The variety of machines keeps encounters exciting, forcing you to frequently re-strategize. The combat music also adapts dynamically based on what machines you’re fighting. These cinematic tunes make you feel immersed in the world.

An Ambitious Reimagining on PS5

Naturally, fans are hoping a remaster or remake of Zero Dawn might incorporate some of these gameplay refinements. However, a straight remaster that merely updates the visuals and resolution would be underwhelming. What players really want is a complete rebuild of the original game from the ground up, taking full advantage of the PS5 hardware.

Imagine re-exploring the world of Zero Dawn with Forbidden West’s level of graphical fidelity. Picture Aloy fluidly climbing mountains and gliding off cliffs not possible on PS4. Envision her facial animations matching the new expressiveness seen in Forbidden West, making her feel like a living person. And think of having strike combos, weapon abilities, and traversal mechanics that didn’t exist in the original but are now staples of the sequel.

That’s the kind of ambitious, no-holds-barred remake that would make jumping back into Zero Dawn exciting even for those who played it half a decade ago. It would feel like experiencing Aloy’s origin story again for the first time. A new Zero Dawn could redefine what’s possible on PS5 while also serving as a definitive version of the acclaimed first game.

Whether Guerrilla eventually takes on this massive undertaking remains to be seen. But with how far they’ve come from Zero Dawn to Forbidden West, few studios seem better equipped to fully realize the potential of Aloy’s debut. For now, fans can only hope and continue dreaming of the possibilities.

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Horizon Zero Dawn is accessible on PS4 and PC.

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