Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom New Item Duplication Glitch Guide

Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Item Glitch
Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Item Glitch 1

In the realm of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, we’ve unearthed an intriguing item duplication anomaly that can swiftly pave the way to Link’s opulence. This glitch, albeit a touch intricate to instigate and possibly nullified in future updates beyond the existing version 1.1.0, could be your golden ticket to becoming Hyrule’s next tycoon. So, if you’re an aspiring player eager to amass a fortune, it’s recommended to harness this exploit before it is potentially rectified in subsequent Tears of the Kingdom updates.

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The Legend of Zelda series is rather infamous for its engaging glitches that frequently form the crux of viral gaming moments. A case in point from earlier this year saw Breath of the Wild players unearthing a fresh glitch, bestowing upon Link invincibility and boundless stamina. The allure of exploiting these bugs or peculiar game mechanics has been a substantial factor in the growth of the Zelda speedrunning fraternity.

Step-by-step Guide to Item Duplication

To execute the item duplication glitch in Tears of the Kingdom, one needs a pair of bows and a duplicable item attachable to an arrow tip via the Fuse ability. Opt for an item that fetches a handsome price in rupees, such as a valuable gemstone. Link the item to the arrow, then proceed to the inventory screen, drop the equipped bow, and choose a different one. Quickly press the “Plus” button twice consecutively. Ensure the item is still fused to Link’s arrow on his character model within the item inventory screen. If confirmed, use the inventory to drop the equipped bow, then reclaim it. Voila! Link should now be armed with two bows and an extra copy of the fused item. Repeat this sequence, sell the duplicated items, and watch your fortune grow exponentially.

A variation on this glitch facilitates the duplication of unidentified items, marked by a question mark-laden text box appearing as Link hovers over them. Create an inventory void, then equip the item to be replaced. Collect the mysterious item, and when its information text box manifests, hit the “Plus” sign on your controller to view the item in Link’s inventory. Press the “Y” button to categorise by type, then equip the item ready for sacrifice. Exit the inventory, re-enter, navigate the menu to select “Drop”, and relinquish the item. Then, retrieve the dropped item. Voila! Link should now hold two of the previously unknown items.

Unlimited Money, Duplication Glitch Video Tutorial

YouTube video

Glitch exploitation is such a prevalent practice within the Zelda community that it might as well be a selling point. However, glitches like these, particularly those unearthed shortly post-launch, could spur Nintendo into swift corrective action. So, if you harbour dreams of a lavish Hyrule lifestyle, seize these exploits while you still can as they will be quickly patched.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is exclusively playable on the Nintendo Switch.

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