WWE 2K23 Update: A Comeback of ‘Tired Finishers’ New Wrestlers and More

WWE 2K23 Patch Update 1.10
WWE 2K23 Patch Update 1.10

WWE 2K23’s latest update 1.10 has revived the “fatigued finishers” feature, much to the delight of fans. The game was released earlier in the year, collecting an array of affirmative reviews, and is often hailed as the best WWE video game in recent times, possibly the top pick since 2K Sports assumed control from THQ.

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A Return to Familiar Gameplay: ‘Tired Finishers’ Back in WWE 2K23

Many admirers of WWE 2K23 have lauded the game’s avant-garde graphics, novel game modes such as WarGames, and an extensive roster of characters. While the majority of WWE enthusiasts have found satisfaction with the game’s offerings, it has not been immune to critique. The WWE 2K23 Showcase mode has been the subject of disappointment for some, while others have expressed discontent over missing elements like the fatigued finishers.

For those new to the jargon, fatigued finishers, also known as exhausted or tired finishers, are features that were seen in past WWE video games. The mechanic entails wrestlers potentially falling to the ground after executing their finishing move, if they are particularly exhausted. This element brings an extra layer of excitement to WWE 2K23 matches, and the stamina/fatigue feature is totally optional as it can be toggled on or off in the game.

New Game Dynamics: What Update 1.10 Brings to WWE 2K23

The most recent patch notes for WWE 2K23 have highlighted the reintroduction of this feature, and eager fans have quickly tested it in the game. Video clips are surfacing of WWE icon John Cena executing his Attitude Adjustment finishing move before falling to the ground, which prevents an immediate pinning of Randy Orton, adding a twist to the tail end of matches.

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With the recent update live, players can experience other instances of fatigued finishers in WWE 2K23. Alongside this feature, update 1.10 has also tackled a range of persistent technical issues that have been troubling the game since its inception. Additionally, two new playable characters, Mia Yim and Candice LeRae, have been added to the game’s roster. Future updates for WWE 2K23 are expected to arrive, accompanied by DLC packs that promise to further bolster the roster.

WWE 2K23 Update 1.10 Patch Notes


Playable characters Mia Yim and Candice LeRae have been added.

CategoryUpdates and Fixes
Gameplay– Resolved issues reported around Superstars warping or clipping
– Addressed instances where reversals didn’t trigger
– Fixed an issue where Player 2’s managers didn’t appear
– Resolved concerns around the inability to perform the Tombstone Piledriver
– Fixed issues where users got stuck in an endless run
– Tackled jittering problems during entrance breakouts
– Addressed the inability to connect running springboards
– Fixed inaccurate limb damage reports
– Refined AI navigation
– Addressed issues involving Zoey Stark’s running knee ringside performance
– Attackers will now properly break through the top of The Cell during Suplex City
– Interruptibility of diving attacks on the announcers’ table before climbing the top rope added
– Breakout timing on Leg Sweep 2 adjusted
– Exhausted Finishers re-established using the new Fatigue system
Online– Online match stability improved
– Enhanced user experience when joining a session or accepting an invite
– Community Creations uploads and downloads user experience improved
– Stability when using customized content in online matches enhanced
– Resetting teams or participants in online lobbies user experience improved
Create– Stability within multiple Create modes enhanced
– Issues with video preview within Create-an-Entrance addressed
– Concerns related to applying images, patterns, and movies in Create-an-Arena addressed
– Created Championship names will now be shown during in-game entrances
– Issues with the colour picker freezing in Create-a-Superstar addressed
– Consistency when creating custom arenas improved
Universe– Overall stability improved
– Certain trios transitioning to tag Create-a-Victory issue addressed
– Issues arising from deleting shows which affected Rivalry action addressed
– Concerns over blank Rivalry actions menu when editing an in-progress show addressed
– Superstars that win the Royal Rumble will now be appropriately booked in a title match at Wrestlemania
– Naturally occurring managers will now correctly appear on the match card
MyGM– Formatting when playing in Arabic addressed
– Inconsistency of title belts appearance during entrances addressed
– Display issues when using Contract Negotiation Power addressed
– Trophy silhouettes added in Career Standing for better visibility of proximity to reaching 10
– Presentation of Rivalry level increase improved
– Issues where official tag team partners didn’t always have good chemistry addressed
– Crashes when participating in a Season with a full roster of Created Superstars addressed
MyFACTION– General fixes and improvements implemented
MyRISE– General fixes and improvements carried out
Audio– Dana Brooke’s entrance music updated
– WWE 2K23 is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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