Mastering WWE 2K23: Tips for Creating Tag Teams and Factions

WWE2K23 Factions

There are numerous legendary factions and tag teams that have captured the hearts of fans over the years, such as Rock & Socko featuring Dwayne The Rock Johnson & (Mankind) Mick Foley, The Brothers of Destruction comprising The Undertaker & Kane, and modern-day factions like The Shield. WWE 2K23 provides the necessary tools to create these iconic teams.

With WWE 2K23, players can take their created factions and tag teams into the game’s Universe mode to compete for titles and face off against other teams. This guide will show players how to build powerful dream teams and factions that can challenge and defeat established groups like The Bloodline and The Judgement Day.

How To Create Tag Teams

WWE2K23 Factions

In the game, players have the option to create a tag team by combining any two male or female WWE Superstars, or a stable featuring both male and female superstars like The Judgement Day. Creating a tag team or faction involves the following steps:

  1. Select Options by pressing R1 on PS or RB on Xbox.
  2. Navigate to the WWE Roster tab in the options menu.
  3. Choose Edit Teams.
  4. Select Create a team by pressing the R3/RS button in the Edit Teams screen.

Menu Creation

WWE2K23 Tag Teams
  • To create a tag team or faction in WWE 2K23, players can manually name their chosen team.
  • They can select a prerecorded team name for the ring announcer to use during the team’s entrance or create their own.
  • Users are allowed to include a maximum of five members in their tag team or faction.
  • Crowd reaction can be set to cheer or boo the team in all play modes.
  • Players can create their tag team’s finishing moves using a selection of pre-made wrestling attacks in the Creations Move-Set menu.
  • The team can either make separate entrances or walk to the ring together.
  • If players choose to have the team enter together, they can customise their entrance motion, movie, banners, and music in the Creations: Entrance menu.
  • Players can choose the team’s celebration in the ring after a victory, with different options for heel and face celebrations.
  • For factions of three wrestlers or two wrestlers and a manager, players can select a trio victory motion for celebrations.
  • Once all options have been set, players can save their team and include it in their WWE Universe modes.

Once you’ve followed all of these steps, you will be able to create any tag team or faction of your dreams and show then who’s boss in the ring. Check out our WWE 2K23 page for more tips like this as we’re updating it on a regular basis and follow us on social media for updates too.

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