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Digging Deep: How to Locate Diamonds in Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends Diamonds
Minecraft Legends Diamonds
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In Minecraft Legends, diamonds are not as scarce as in the original game, but players still need to go the extra mile to collect and use them to improve their defenses against piglins. Fortunately, diamonds can be gathered using Allays, just like any other resource, unlike gold, another valuable material. Learn how to locate diamonds in Minecraft Legends to upgrade your village today.

Diamonds are not readily available and can only be mined in specific locations on the map. In this guide, I will explain how to make diamonds mineable, where to find them on the map, and a useful trick to obtain a few extra diamonds.

Where To Find Those Precious Diamonds

To get started you will need to purchase the resource extraction upgrade first. After destroying your first piglin fortress and disabling the magical device, you can unlock various resource gathering upgrades to build at the Well of Fate. To access the menu, press V on your keyboard and select the Gather Diamond improvement. Build it for 100 stone and 100 lapis by one of the Improvement Hubs located at the four pillars on each side of the well.

Once you have purchased the resource extraction upgrade, you can use your Allays to mine diamonds. These precious blocks can be found in the snowy tundra and jagged peaks biomes, but they are much easier to locate in the former. Once you spot them, use your Allays’ new “gather diamond” option to mine the blocks and collect the diamonds.

In addition to mining diamonds, you can also acquire them from village chests located on the map. To see which resources a village produces, hover your cursor over it. Make sure to check the chests periodically and collect the diamonds when they are available. This can be an easy way to get some extra diamonds without having to do any additional work.

This guide was for the PC but stick around, as we’ll be posting tips for the console versions in the very near future. Minecraft Legends is out today on PS4, PS5, Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X.

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