Excitement builds as Diablo 4 reaches gold status

Diablo 4 Gold
Diablo 4 Gold
Image Credit Blizzard

Blizzard has announced today that Diablo 4 has reached gold status. Fans who were able to try out the game during the open beta have been eagerly awaiting this news, and are now even more excited to get their hands on the full version of Diablo 4.

For those of you who’re not coy with the term “going gold” it simply indicates that the game has received approval from companies like Microsoft or Sony to be published on their platforms. This signifies the end of the main development and the start of the manufacturing stage. While this process is now digital, in the past, companies used to send the master copy of their games on a gold-coloured disc.

Despite Diablo 4 reaching “going gold” status, it doesn’t necessarily mean the end of development for the game. Developers may still make minor tweaks to refine the game further. For fans of the franchise, this news is likely very exciting, especially since Blizzard revealed that during the open beta, players spent over 61 million hours playing Diablo 4. Although it’s unclear how many players contributed to that number, statistics show that at least 2.6 million characters were leveled up to 20.

The News Has Made Fans Ecstatic

Blizzard announced via Twitter the news, receiving over 8,100 likes and counting. The release date was confirmed, and fans and retailers expressed their excitement. However, despite the good news, many fans expressed frustration at having to wait for a finished game. The wait time until release currently stands at just under 51 days. Check out the tweet posted by the developers below:

After the open beta, Blizzard took the time to address some of the issues and concerns raised by players with Diablo 4. As a result, there have been adjustments made to class balance, bosses, and dungeon events, as well as a reduction in unnecessary backtracking between dungeons.

There will no doubt be more issues along the way but all the developers can do is respond quickly and ask for feedback like they’ve been doing. Are you excited about the news today?

The release date is set for June 6th 2023 and it’ll be out on the Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Windows PC, PS4 and PS5.

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