DayZ Tips: A Guide to the Best Medical Supplies

DayZ Medical Tips
DayZ Medical Tips

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Surviving in the post-apocalyptic world of DayZ is no easy feat, as players must contend with zombies, poisonous gas, other players, and a variety of fatal diseases and injuries. It’s a harsh and dangerous place, and only those who are well-prepared and quick-thinking will have a chance to make it.

Thankfully, players in DayZ have access to various medical supplies that can be found in hospitals and clinics. These supplies are essential for treating wounds, diseases, and other ailments. In this guide, we’ll cover the best medical supplies to look out for in DayZ using our expert tips.

10. Band-Aids/Bandages

DayZ Bandages

Bandages are a simple yet efficient way to stop bleeding caused by wounds, making them a must-have for any player engaging in combat, be it with zombies or other players. Rags can also serve as bandages, but they need to be disinfected first to prevent infections that can be fatal if left untreated.

9. Saline Bag

DayZ Saline Bag

In cases of severe blood loss, using a saline bag can significantly help the player. It accelerates blood regeneration by five times the normal rate and also boosts hydration, aiding in quick recovery from the loss. Players need to have an IV start kit at hand in their inventory to administer saline bags, as they cannot be used without it. It’s important to be prepared with the necessary supplies to avoid being caught off guard in DayZ.

8. Disinfectants


The game features various types of disinfectants such as standard disinfectants, iodine, and alcohol tincture. They work in a similar way, enabling players to disinfect wounds or sterilise rags before using them as bandages. Disinfectants are crucial in preventing infections, which can be a hassle to treat, so players should not overlook their importance.

7. Epinephrine

DayZ Epinephrine

Epinephrine is a valuable item that can revive unconscious players in DayZ. It can bring them back to life instantly, making it useful in combat situations or when a teammate has passed out due to injuries. Additionally, it can reduce stamina consumption for one minute, making it handy for escaping contaminated areas.

6. Charcoal Tablets

DayZ Charcoal Tablets

Charcoal tablets are a food version of chlorine and can be used to cure food poisoning caused by eating uncooked meats or contaminated food. It’s recommended to cook food before eating to avoid food poisoning, but if players do get sick, charcoal tablets can be a lifesaver. These tablets can also treat chemical poisoning caused by consuming disinfectant or gasoline, which can happen in rare situations.

5. Chlorine Tablets

DayZ Chlorine Tablets

Speaking of which, acquiring chlorine tablets early on in the game is crucial as it helps sanitise dirty water and makes it drinkable. This is particularly useful when players are unable to find a water pump nearby and must drink water from bottles or other containers found in the wild.

Drinking from contaminated water sources can lead to severe illnesses, such as cholera. However, using chlorine tablets can sanitise the water and make it safe for consumption, helping players to avoid infections and stay hydrated while exploring the post-apocalyptic wilderness of DayZ.

4. PO-X


Contaminated gas zones are scattered throughout the map, and they can even move to different areas. To avoid gas poisoning, players should keep a supply of PO-X on hand. This item can cure stage 1 or 2 gas poisoning completely, and if the poisoning has progressed to stage 3, it can push it all the way back to stage 2 again. You can also use this valuable medical supply to revive the unconscious as well.

3. Painkillers

DayZ Painkillers

When faced with sprains and fractures, players can find relief in painkillers such as codeine and morphine. Codeine is best for moderate pain, while morphine is effective for more severe injuries. These medications not only alleviate pain but also help to prevent the movement speed penalty that kicks in when a player is at low health. They also prevent the player from passing out due to pain, which can leave them vulnerable and exposed.

2. Vitamin Pills


Surviving in a harsh and barren land where resources are scarce can take a toll on the player’s immune system. Therefore, it’s crucial to maintain a strong immune system by taking daily vitamins. These pills can help fight off most diseases and can be taken simultaneously with other medications like tetracycline, which can further enhance the player’s healing ability.

1. Tetracycline

DayZ Tetracycline Pills

Tetracycline is a versatile antibiotic that can address a variety of medical issues that players may face. It can cure cholera caused by drinking contaminated water, treat infections resulting from wounds, and alleviate symptoms of the common cold.

Although it has a duration of only five minutes and cannot be taken twice simultaneously, players can take additional doses as needed. Taking multivitamin pills concurrently with tetracycline can further enhance the healing process. Overall, tetracycline is a valuable medication that can aid players throughout their gameplay.

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