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WWE 2K23: Complete Guide to Unlock All Wrestlers

wwe 2k23 1
wwe 2k23 1

Acquiring all the game’s most exciting superstars can be challenging in WWE 2K23, despite the game’s massive roster of wrestlers. This guide will provide you with the necessary steps to unlock them all.

Fans of wrestling games everywhere will welcome the numerous improvements to the franchise formula in WWE 2K23. However, certain aspects of the game remain unchanged, such as the requirement to unlock multiple wrestlers through gameplay achievements and by spending both real and virtual currency.

The good news is that WWE 2K23 has made the various unlock processes relatively easy to manage, although unlocking certain wrestlers may still require real money. Nevertheless, the game may not always provide clear guidance on the best methods to unlock all the wrestlers. We hope to alleviate some of the confusion surrounding the unlock system.

To unlock every wrestler in WWE 2K23, you can rely on the game’s Virtual Currency (VC) system, which is the primary means of unlocking the vast majority of wrestlers. Unlocking a wrestler from the in-game store requires 1,000 VC.

In WWE 2K23, playing the game is the easiest way to earn VC. You can earn VC by completing in-game objectives found in MyRISE, Showcase, and other major gameplay modes. Additionally, playing random matches can earn you some extra VC. As you continue to play the game, you’ll receive VC rewards from most interactive aspects of the game.

While VC can also be used to unlock custom items like special arenas and belts, the majority of your VC will go towards unlocking the various superstars. To unlock all of the wrestlers, you’ll need to spend approximately 59,000 VC. The complete list of wrestlers (including their special variations) that can be unlocked through the in-game store is provided below:

  • Eddie Guerrero ’97
  • Stephanie McMahon
  • The Hurricane
  • Razor Ramon
  • Bret “The Hitman” Hart
  • Goldberg
  • The Boogeyman
  • Eric Bischoff
  • Triple H (Manager)
  • Trish Stratus
  • Jake “The Snake” Roberts
  • Macho Man Randy Savage
  • Beth Phoenix
  • The Ultimate Warrior
  • Stacy Kiebler
  • X-Pac
  • Rikishi
  • Syxx
  • Eddie Guerrero
  • Kane ’08
  • The Rock
  • Hulk Hogan ’02
  • Umaga
  • Booker T
  • Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart
  • Cactus Jack
  • Diesel
  • Bobby “The Brain” Heenan (Manager)
  • Andre the Giant
  • Scott Hall
  • Jerry “The King” Lawler
  • Big Boss Man
  • Kevin Nash
  • Stephanie McMahon (Manager)
  • Yokozuna
  • Shawn Michaels ’05
  • Doink The Clown
  • Vader
  • Shane McMahon
  • Kevin Nash (nWo)
  • The British Bulldog
  • Chyna
  • Triple H
  • The Undertaker ’98
  • Maryse
  • Rowdy Roddy Piper
  • The Undertaker
  • Shawn Michaels
  • JBL
  • Brie Bella
  • Scott Hall (nWo)

Unlock Wrestlers In Showcase Mode

  • Bruno Sammartino: WrestleMania 38 bonus match
  • John Cena ’16: SummerSlam ’16 match
  • Brock Lesnar ’03: Backlash ’03 match
  • Kurt Angle ’02: SmackDown ’02 match
  • The Undertaker ’03: Vengeance ’03 match
  • Randy Orton ’09: Hell in a Cell ’09 match
  • Lita ’06: Summerslam ‘06 Match
  • Super Cena: Didn’t See That Coming match
  • John Cena ’09: Hell in a Cell ’09 match
  • John Cena ’02: SmackDown ’02 match
  • Triple H ’08: Night of Champions ’08 match
  • John Cena ’08: Night of Champions ’08 match
  • John Cena ’03: Backlash ’03 match
  • Rob Van Dam ’06: ECW One Night Stand ’06 match
  • The Rock ’12: WrestleMania 28 match
  • Hulk Hogan: WrestleMania 38 match
  • Brock Lesnar ’14: SummerSlam ’14 match
  • Edge ’06: New Year’s Resolution ’06 match
  • AJ Styles ’16: Summerslam ’16 Match
  • John Cena ’14: SummerSlam ’14 match
  • John Cena ’18: WrestleMania 34 match
  • The Undertaker ’18: WrestleMania 34 match
  • Roman Reigns ’21: Summerslam ‘21 match
  • John Cena ’06: New Year’s Resolution ’06 match
  • Batista ’08: SummerSlam ’08 match
  • John Cena ’12: WrestleMania 28 match
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Wrestler Unlocks Using MyRise Mode

By playing through and completing the various challenges in MyRise, which is essentially a variation of the traditional career mode that guides a male or female star through a campaign filled with surprises and challenges, you can unlock a few “alternate wrestler personalities.” Although this mode won’t unlock a lot of additional superstars, it still offers some options for unlocking new characters.

  • Ezekiel
  • Jean-Paul Levesque
  • Mighty Molly

Finally DLC Content To Unlock Them All

You knew this one was coming! Yes you’ll have to spend your hard earned cash on downloadable content to unlock the remainder of wrestlers, but we’re here just to tell you how to do it. It’s entirely up to you if you want to part with your cash to gain them all, anyway here’s the final list below:

  1. Ruthless Aggression DLC Pack – Randy Orton ’02 – Steiner Row Pack – Leviathan – Ashante Adonis – B-Fam (Manager) – Brock Lesnar ’01 – Rick Steiner – Top Dolla – Scott Steiner
  2. Pretty Sweet DLC Pack – Kit Wilson – Luke Gallows – Karl Anderson – Elton Prince – Tiffany Stratton
  3. Race to NXT DLC Pack – Ivy Nile – Trick Williams – Tony D’Angelo – Wendy Choo – Harley Race
  4. Revel with Wyatt DLC Pack – Blair Davenport – Joe Gacy – Bray Wyatt – Zeus – Valhalla
  5. Bad Bunny DLC Pack – Bad Bunny
  6. Bad News U DLC Pack – Nathan Frazer – Andre Chase – Eve Torres – Damon Kemp – Wade Barrett

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