WWE Video Game Publishers Announced

WWE 14

There’s good news for all you World Wrestling Entertainment fans and gamers out there. We all know about the previous game developers (THQ) going into administration and folding. What we didn’t know was who would take over the reigns and continue to produce the WWE video game series.

Now that has all been taken care of, with 2K game developers entering into an exclusive partnership and gained all the worldwide rights for the video games of the WWE franchise. This means that WWE 14 is still on, and the beat em up is being made as we speak by Yukes in Japan.

The End Of An Era For THQ

THQ developed and published titles for a wide range of platforms, including consoles, handheld devices, and PC. They worked with both internal development studios and external partners, releasing titles in various genres, including action, sports, racing, and licensed properties.

They was associated with several notable gaming franchises throughout its history. Some of the popular franchises published by THQ include Saints Row, Red Faction, Darksiders, Company of Heroes, “WWE (formerly WWF) SmackDown!,” Destroy All Humans!, and MX vs. ATV.

Despite its success, THQ faced financial difficulties in the early 2010s. In 2012, the company filed for bankruptcy and began a process of selling off its assets and intellectual properties. Eventually, THQ was dissolved, and its assets were acquired by various companies, including Nordic Games (now THQ Nordic) and Ubisoft.

WWE 14 will be released on all of the major platforms and is expected to be out later in the fall of this year. We will post all the latest news on the upcoming title as soon as we get it here on GLN.

WWE 14
WWE 14

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