Who Will Takeover The WWE Games?

The Undertaker

With the original game developers (THQ) now in debt and their long run in the gaming industry coming to an abrupt end, who will takeover the WWE franchise from now on? We look at possible suggestions from you the public, and let you know our thoughts on who we think may take the helms.

The world wrestling entertainment series is looking for possible suitors to carry the games in the direction that THQ intended. The new developers might actually want to give the wrestling titles a complete new makeover and refurbish the franchise altogether.

Our guesses point to the gaming developers (Take Two) as possible candidates for the role. Also EA Sports might take an interest as the WWE games are effectively sports related. The series could be potentially lucrative as there is a massive fan base around the world for WWE.

As soon as we hear word on any news related to this story, we will let you know here on gameslatestnews.com right away.

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