Crysis 3 News – Multiplayer Beta Plus More

It has been officially announced that the long awaited Crysis 3 will get a multiplayer beta for the date set January 29th. It will be an open beta that will become available for all the major platforms. The open beta will run for approximately two whole weeks.

There will be two all new and exclusive maps on the beta which are called Airport and Museum. They do both sound like very good maps and the title of both of them certainly gives a lot away. As for the gameplay, it will be set in New York city (USA) and it will have a rainforest look to the surroundings.

Also in the news today regarding Crysis 3 that has come to light is the fact that when the game is out on 19th February, you will be able to download it straight to your PS3 hard drive. This so far is only for the territory of North America and it is not known as of yet, whether this will be included for other parts of the world.

Crysis 3 has a release date of February 21st for Europe, so the details are not yet known for that specific region. As soon as there is more news on the game and information, we will post it right here on the homepage.

Crysis 3 News

Crysis 3 News

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