Some Useful Crysis 3 Multiplayer Tips

Crysis 3 Tips


Seeker – Distinctive Viral dependent game setting with 5 models. A arbitrarily chosen group of 2 Hunters. armed along with Bows as well as infinite stealth energy need to eliminate CELLULAR Operatives who’ve crash landed within the level.

The actual CELL possess one goal, to attempt to survive till their EVAC occurs. As every CELL fellow member dies, they become the main Hunter team and appear to get rid of their previous allies tipping the total amount as the actual match advances.

  • Seeker tips: Like a hunter, keep in mind that the enemy is definitely on your own radar. They are able to (and will) operate, but they can’t hide! Keep in mind, your bow isn’t a weapon, although silent you have to pull and contain the trigger in order to charge your own shot and obtain maximum damage out of your weapon.
  • CELLULAR tips: You’ve motion detectors by having an audible transmission that modifications as Hunters enter range, make use of this to a person advantage. Each fill out offers different tools absolutely help survive, experiment in order to find one which suits your own play design.
  • Crash Website – Catch and maintain game setting. Single powerful capture area is dropped removed from an Ceph dropship. Teams must stay in the location to be able to acquire factors. After some time the pod may self-destruct along with a new pod is actually launched inside a new location within the map.
  • Ideas: Use the actual rip as well as throw shields in the drop pods because defense, as well as throw them like a quick kill once the enemy group closes within. If a good enemy group is dug within and safeguarding flanks, try leading having a grenade or even other mind blowing, or even better, commandeer the Pinger as well as lay waste for their defenses.


Museum — The destroyed remains of the world course museum, now overloaded and overgrown along with moss protected trees and vegetation. Look with regard to places to obtain vantage factors and brand new paths for example across sapling limbs along with other non-traditional leap spots.

Airport terminal – The once nicely used starting off stage for travelers and company folks as well, now the dilapidated complicated where airplanes sit rusting as well as baggage rests forever unclaimed.

Look out for open places, and particularly when the actual VTOL is actually active, there are lots of places you are able to an not aware player could be caught away in.


The game’s the majority of versatile tool and remarkably devastating towards both unfamiliar and CELLULAR, it’s the one-shot-kill for those but the actual thickest conceals, like individuals of Ceph heavies, car sentries as well as vehicles.

It’s also the only real weapon you should use while cloaked, in a cost associated with 40% match energy. It is customisable as well. Through the actual pop-up menu you are able to set the actual string in order to loose (long disadvantage time however powerful shot) or even tight (shorter period, but less strong shot).

You may also load within five various arrow kinds: there’s the conventional spear arrow, the actual explosive arrow, the actual fiery thermite suggestion arrow, the electronica arrow (use this to fry anybody in water) and also the recon arrow, exclusive to people who purchase the actual Hunter release.

It enables you to tag opponents in multiplayer. Like a bonus, you’re usually armed using the bow — impossible in order to swap away and always available.

We hope these Crysis 3 Multiplayer tips come in use for you whilst playing the game. Look out for more great tips as we post them on our website throughout the year.

Crysis 3 Tips
Crysis 3 Multiplayer Tips

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