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Candice LeRae Makes a Comeback in WWE 2K23 DLC

WWE2K23 Candice-LeRae
WWE2K23 Candice LeRae 1
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In a forthcoming update, WWE 2K23 is set to introduce another gratis playable Superstar to the game. This follows closely behind the recent addition of Mia Yim, underscoring the dedication of the development team to keep the game fresh and responsive to fan feedback.

Despite the substantial roster of WWE 2K23, there are still many fans bemoaning the absence of their favourite WWE Superstars. The prior version of the game was chock-full of characters no longer under WWE contract at the time of release. Conversely, the current edition seems to lack many high-profile names that have since returned to the WWE post the alleged roster cut-off. Thankfully, the WWE 2K23 team seems to be addressing these gaps by offering additional complimentary DLC.

Via a tweet from the WWE 2K23 account, it was revealed that Candice LeRae is due to re-enter the franchise with the next update. Both LeRae and the previously added Mia Yim were among character models discovered by WWE 2K23 modders, leading many players to anticipate this announcement. Offering free DLC is a rarity for the WWE 2K series, the last instance being WWE 12’s Masked Kane DLC, so this update is a welcome surprise for fans.

Candice LeRae’s Return to the WWE 2K Franchise

From the video reveal, it appears Candice LeRae will be depicted with her WWE 2K22 model. Which closely matches her current appearance. This repurposing works well as LeRae’s look hasn’t altered since her brief break due to pregnancy. Many fans are optimistic that more pre-existing models will be imported into WWE 2K23, paving the way for additional playable characters. Tegan Nox and Bronson Reed are among those who could seamlessly transition into WWE 2K23. With Reed having been a previously scrapped DLC for WWE 2K22, though his model was hidden within the game’s files.

The introduction of new characters is always a boon. Coupled with the regular DLC releases planned from April through August, WWE 2K23’s final roster promises to be impressive. Although fans are hopeful for more free character additions, the already substantial standard roster should keep players engaged for a significant period. The introduction of free Superstars only serves to underscore the commitment of the development team to fan satisfaction. If this level of support is maintained, WWE 2K23 may well become one of the best titles in the series.

WWE 2K23 is available to play on PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Windows PC.

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