WWE 2K23 Introduces Bad Bunny Edition and Playable Rapper DLC

WWE 2K23 Roman Reigns Entrance

WWE 2K23 Launches Bad Bunny Edition and DLC Featuring Rapper as Playable Wrestler.

WWE 2K23 Roman Reigns Entrance

WWE 2K23 has rolled out a special Bad Bunny Edition and standalone DLC pack allowing players to use rapper Bad Bunny as a playable wrestling superstar modeled after his real-life special guest appearances and victory. The crossover content provides an authentic way for fans to simulate Bad Bunny’s journey into WWE.

After performing at WrestleMania in 2021, Bad Bunny surprised with impressive in-ring skills, earning viral fame for his spots and moves. This culminated in Bad Bunny triumphing in a San Juan Street Fight at the 2023 Backlash pay-per-view.

Capitalising on his wrestling fandom and success, Bad Bunny was already unlockable in the WWE 2K23 base game as a pre-order bonus. But the new paid DLC depiction authentically recreates his Backlash 2023 outfit and entrance for virtual matches.

The Bad Bunny content comes either via the £119.99/$139.99 Bad Bunny Edition bundling the DLC with the existing Icon Edition, or as a standalone £8.99/$9.99 Bad Bunny Superstar Pack. This unlocks Bad Bunny alongside exclusive MyFaction cards, cosmetics, and clothing parts.

Lets Players Simulate His Emergence as Wrestler After Mania

WWE 2K23 John Cena

Between the Rapper’s popularity within WWE programming and rap fanbase, adding him as a distinct playable character makes perfect cross-promotional sense. It lets players fully recreate his surprising journey into WWE stardom.

The Bad Bunny Edition and DLC arrive amidst a WWE 2K games resurgence following 2K22’s warm reception last year. Developer Visual Concepts has steadily built on that foundation with updates like War Games matches and superstar DLC.

These additions help maintain engagement within the passionate pro wrestling gaming community. The celebrity appeals to an adjacent music fanbase as well, expanding the potential appeal.

Allowing wrestling and Bad Bunny followers to clash as the rapper-turned-grappler against stars like John Cena generates cross-genre buzz. It helps position the title as a big tent gaming experience.

The Bad Bunny content also continues WWE’s broader embrace of celebrities mingling with wrestling. From Logan Paul to Iron Mike Tyson decades ago, celebrities boost mainstream visibility when leveraged thoughtfully.

Celebrity matches prove controversial with some hardcore wrestling purists. But limited doses can pay dividends if the crossover star puts in the training and respect to take the sport seriously. Bad Bunny proved a devoted student of wrestling’s arts.

His Backlash victory over former tag partner Damien Priest crystallised his journey from musical guest to capable wrestler. Now 2K23 players can re-enact his growth within the virtual ring.

A Much Needed Addition Amidst Controversy

WWE 2K23 Cody Rhodes Entrance

The Bad Bunny Edition and DLC arrive at a transitional period for WWE programming and games alike. With disgraced former CEO Vince McMahon retiring amidst controversy, Triple H has assumed oversight and begun shifting WWE’s direction.

Likewise, the WWE 2K games aim to leave past missteps behind and usher in a new era. The latest DLC content exemplifies the title’s greater cultural scope and mass appeal.

With wrestling fandom running across age demographics, this clever addition helps attract younger audiences. His hits provide a contemporary soundtrack alongside wrestlers of yesterday and today.

The game’s post-launch support spotlights wrestling’s unique crossover potential into entertainment realms like music and Hollywood. By diversifying offerings, it sustains positive momentum.

WWE 2K23 is available to play on PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Source – 2K.com

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