Where We Droppin? Fortnite Teases Return to Chapter 1

Where We Droppin'? Fortnite Teases Return to Chapter 1
Where We Droppin'? Fortnite Teases Return to Chapter 1

Epic Games recently sent special sneak peek packages to some popular content creators and streamers. This has given fans an exciting first glimpse at what’s coming in the next season of Fortnite Battle Royale mode.

One creator named Salvatretzzo shared photos online of the parcel he received. It’s full of cool throwback items hinting at an “OG” theme for the upcoming part.

Looking closely at the items shows the title is “Where We Droppin’?” This is likely the first question players ask each other at the beginning of a match. Some pins representing past seasons from Chapter 1 are included too.

The gift box also contains a vinyl record that plays the classic original music. And there’s a personalized dog tag necklace labeled “Fortnite OG” with the creator’s name.

On the back of the CD case, the map from Chapter 1 Season 5 can also be observed. This further teases the blast from the past vibe for next phase.

The current Chapter 4 Season 4 is expected to end on Friday, November 3rd. That’s when downtime will start as the servers reset and prepare for the new theme. Downtime usually lasts around 4-5 hours before coming back online.

Epic’s Nostalgic Marketing Strategy

So what does all this mean for average players who didn’t get special packages from Epic? Well it strongly hints that popular old locations, characters, and memories will return. This could make for a fun nostalgic season celebrating the game’s origins.

OG players from Chapter 1 will certainly get a kick out of revisiting familiar old elements of the title. But newer players will also get to experience this iconic content for the first time.

Prior to this announcement, leakers had predicted a possible return of the original battle royale. Now, it seems that everything is going to happen exactly as they expected.

The contents of these packages are our biggest clue yet about next season’s vibe. While we’ll have to wait for official announcements to know all the details, it’s looking like a nostalgic blast from the past is on the way. Where we droppin’ boys? Back to the OG island, that’s where!

Fortnite is available on Windows PC, PS4, PS5, Mobile Devices, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source – FortniteNews

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