Preparing for Alan Wake 2? Start with a Fortnite Recap

Preparing for Alan Wake 2_ Start with a Fortnite Recap
Preparing for Alan Wake 2_ Start with a Fortnite Recap

Prior to the release of Alan Wake 2, Epic Games is giving Fortnite players the opportunity to experience a much-needed recap of the thrilling survival horror game series.

It’s available now. Alan Wake: Flashback, a 20-minute summary of the key events of the series leading up to part 2, which arrives on October 27.

The original game was released back in 2010. So, whoever desires to recall, the Flashback will retell the original story in which the main character takes a work vacation with his wife Alice in the small town of Bright Falls in the Pacific Northwest. The calm holiday is short-lived and he soon finds himself battling monsters in the darkness of night.

You can play the Flashback on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC via the Epic Games Store. You can use the Island Code 3426-5561-3374 if you don’t see the Alan Wake episode on the main menu.

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Alan Wake: Flashback Recounts the First Game

The interactive recap aims to catch players up on the story so they’re ready to plunge into the darkness when the sequel launches soon. Even if it’s been over a decade since the original survival horror game, Alan Wake: Flashback ensures you’ll be up to speed on his chilling encounters with the forces of darkness.

Instead of narration that reveals the scares, hopefully the Fortnite version will let the horror happen more naturally. Finding the right balance between summarizing the first game and setting up an ominous stage for the sequel could make the recap a great way to catch up for longtime fans and new players.

Upon the announcement of the Fortnitemares event, Alan’s icon skin in going to be in the item shop shortly. Also, Fortnite recently offered fans the chance to obtain his outfit for free if they pre-order the survival title on the Epic Games Store.

With its tense atmosphere and exciting action, the actual game put a new spin on horror games. Now, just before the long-awaited next chapter, this is an opportunity to remember the thrills and chills that made Alan Wake so popular before his story continues.

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