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Fortnite’s v24.20 Update: Balancing Resource Materials and Harvesting

Fortnite Update v24.20
Fortnite Update v24.20
(Image Credit Epic Games)

The forthcoming Fortnite patch is set to introduce substantial amendments to the mechanics of resource harvesting and use, demanding greater strategic management from players erecting walls, stairs, and other structures. This significant update, which also integrates Ranked Play into the dynamic Zero Build mode, is generating a buzz among fans as we approach Chapter 5.

Fortnite has transcended its original battle royale format, with Epic Games ceaselessly captivating fans by rolling out fresh content – new weapons, quests, time-limited events, and aesthetic enhancements. The game has orchestrated numerous collaborations with renowned franchises, including Dragon Ball, Marvel, Attack on Titan, and Star Wars. Further, Fortnite has introduced an Unreal Engine Editor for players with a creative spark, providing a comprehensive toolkit and workflows to bring their visions to life, complete with a brand-new programming language for potent customisation options.

Harvesting and Material Changes: A New Challenge for Fortnite Players

Some notable adjustments to the balance of the popular battle royale game are on the horizon, set to significantly alter how Fortnite players utilise their resources. Initially, the material limit will be slashed from 999 to 500, encouraging players to conserve resources when constructing walls, floors, or staircases. This limit already exists in the Arena mode but will soon be applied to other game modes. Harvesting rates will experience a slight uptick, helping players offset the impact of the reduced material cap. Finally, upon their demise, players will now drop 50 of each material.

While the marginal increase in harvesting rates offers some compensation, players will still find themselves grappling with a reduced resource pool. The ever-present threat of resource depletion, leaving them vulnerable to enemy attacks, persists. Each resource serves unique functions and can be used to erect structures that bolster players’ positions during combat. Furthermore, emergency barriers and other structures are vital for repelling attacks without resorting to hiding. Before rumours of a permanent no-building mode for Fortnite surfaced online, players were lobbying for Epic Games to restore turbo building, a feature that ultimately saw removal due to exploitability.

Scheduled Release: Update v24.20

With the advent of Chapter 3 Season 2, Fortnite temporarily suspended building for a week, a move that was largely well-received by players. They understand that the impending changes to material and harvesting balances will necessitate more strategic resource handling. The v24.20 update is scheduled for release on Tuesday, May 16th, at 8 AM BST.

Fortnite is currently playable on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Mobile Devices, PC, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch.

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