Reality Augment Removed from Fortnite, Leaving Fans Disappointed

Fortnite Reality Augments
Fortnite Reality Augments
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The Game Time Reality Augment, which was a well-known and well-loved item in Fortnite, has been removed without explanation. As Fortnite is constantly evolving, players are used to having their favourite weapons or items being vaulted unexpectedly, so this is not an entirely unexpected turn of events.

The addition of Reality Augments in Chapter 4 Season 1 was a game-changer for Fortnite players, providing them with powerful bonuses that could be activated until the end of a match. The feature was well-received by the community, and many were pleased to learn that they would still be available in Season 2, along with some exciting new Augments that quickly gained popularity.

Upon the recent release of a minor patch on April 25th which we covered here on GLN, Fortnite players rejoiced at the return of the OG Submachine Gun. However, they soon realised that one of the popular Reality Augments, Game Time, had been silently removed from the game by Epic Games.

In the combat category, Game Time had the ability to grant players three Chug Splash cans and the exclusive Pizza Party item upon activation. While Pizza Party was once a regular loot item on the island, it became a rarity when it was tied to the now-vaulted Augment. Fans are left speculating on the reasoning behind the sudden removal of this favourite Augment. A reliable source on Twitter called iFireMonkey posted about the update that can be viewed below.

A Stop To Late Game Heal-Offs?

Once players had the Pizza Party item in their possession, they could drop a pizza on the ground and consume several slices at once to replenish both their health and shields simultaneously. It is speculated by some Fortnite players that the removal of the Game Time Reality Augment could have been a measure taken by Epic Games to prevent heal-offs in late-game Storm Circles. We really hope that’s not the case because heal-offs have been like tradition in the game ever since it’s inception.

This isn’t the first, and certainly won’t be the last reality augment to be removed from the game. Let us know how you’re feeling about this change in the comments section or alternatively post on our social media accounts.

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