Fortnite Unleashes New Updates: New Augments, Slap Splash And More

Fortnite Slap Splash
Fortnite Slap Splash

Delighting the Fortnite devotees with another sizzling hotfix, Epic Games have been industriously at the anvil, hammering in fresh upgrades and tweaks to their Battle Royale powerhouse. More than a month has since elapsed following the launch of Chapter 4 Season 3. Amidst this period, the game has been treated to a buffet of modifications, courtesy of multiple updates and hotfixes, diligently issued by Epic Games to enrich Fortnite’s gameplay.

The v25.11 update, a substantial amendment to the Battle Royale, made its appearance on June 27th, introducing the formidable Repeater Rifle and a duo of Reality Augments.

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Goodbye Kinetic Boomerang: Welcome Sharp Tooth Shotgun

A mere two days subsequent to the update’s premiere, a swift hotfix was dispatched. This unceremoniously evicted the Kinetic Boomerang from the Fortnite inventory, replacing it with the brand-new Sharp Tooth Shotgun. Echoing characteristics of the notorious Pump Shotgun, this fresh entrant is designed for longer-range engagements with a leaner spread. However, its petite magazine limits it to firing a quartet of bullets before a reload is mandated.

Understanding the Slap Splash Item: A Healer’s Aid

Right on the heels of this hotfix, the Fortnite Summer Escape event splashed onto the scene, leaving players rather nonplussed about any impending additions to the game. So, it’s hardly surprising that the Fortnite community was caught off guard when Tuesday rolled around bearing gifts – a novel throwable, alongside a pair of Reality Augments. Players can now hunt for the newly-minted Slap Splash item, and the beguilingly named Splash Party and Roaming Redeploy Augments.

Drawing parallels to the sealed away Chug Splash healable, the Slap Splash item offers simultaneous healing for multiple players, patching up 15 HP and bestowing an energy boost for a fleeting period. This is great as a way to heal and gain mobility around the map using the sprint mechanic. The Splash Party Reality Augment serves as a handy tool to conveniently snag these Slap Splashes, although being of Exotic rarity, they’re no walk in the park to procure.

For those reminiscing about the beloved Aerialist Reality Augment – its ability to redeploy gliders at will had made it a Fortnite community darling before it was banished to the vault for its overpowering dominance. It wasn’t the first and most certainly won’t be the last reality augment to be vaulted by Epic. Enter, the Roaming Redeploy Augment, a more even-handed sibling, which permits glider redeployment only when players are already immune to fall damage – an advantage in very particular scenarios like whizzing down a zipline or jumping off a Hop Mushroom.

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Fortnite remains open for enjoyment across multiple platforms including Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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