Fortnite Unleashes a Heatwave with the Summer Escape Event

Fortnite's Summer Escape
Fortnite's Summer Escape

Get ready to slather on the sunblock and polish your battle buses, Fortnite’s Summer Escape event is here! It’s chock-full of beach-inspired goodies. Epic Games, in true Fortnite fashion, has added a bucket-load of summery content to its wildly popular battle royale game, just as V-Buck prices saw a sunny rise in a few regions.

The Summer Escape fiesta has quite the reputation to uphold. Fortnite’s seasonal celebration last year, cheekily named No Sweat Summer update, brought along a horde of quests, cosmetic upgrades, and weapons. With the seashells still warm from the last party, Epic Games are pulling out all the stops to ensure Summer Escape is hotter than a sizzling barbecue.

Fortnite Summer Escape Trailer

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Basking in the Summer Escape sunshine is an entirely new paradise, Sunswoon Lagoon. It’s a temporary tropical hotspot, only accessible until July 18th, 2 PM BST/9 a.m. EST, that adds a fresh layer of excitement to the festivities. This beachy bay resides within the verdant expanse of the Wilds jungle biome, part of Fortnite’s Chapter 4 Season 3 landscape, introduced just this June. Looking for directions? You’ll find Sunswoon Lagoon just west of Creeky Compound, situated in the heart of the Battle Royale island.

In terms of quests, Fortnite has cooked up a tantalising menu of challenges as part of the Summer Escape event.

Fortnite Summer Escape Quests In Full

The Quench questsJuly 4 – July 7XP and Nanners Wrap
Lagoon Party questsJuly 8 – July 11XP and Treezy Back Bling
Make an Entrance questsJuly 12 – July 16XP and Blossom Drop Contrail

For those with an appetite for rewards, completing 14 Summer Escape quests will earn you the chic Wild Fronds Back Bling backpack. Go a step further and tackle four more, and the Bugsy Glider will be yours. True completionists, who finish a hefty 24 Summer Escape quests by July 18, will also bag a new Lagoon Escape loading screen and the zesty Toasted Coconut emote. And that’s not all – even the simplest tasks like destroying 10 stones from July 11th can bag you the precious Artifact Axe Pickaxe. A quick mantle manoeuvre within 30 seconds of bursting through a door from July 12th also gets you the dazzling Starry Sea Wrap skin for your weapons and outfits.

Fortnite Summer Escape Event

Summer Escape isn’t all about the grind, though. The event replaces the Flare Gun with the razzle-dazzle Firework Flare Gun, adding some pizazz to your arsenal. A feast of summery Fortnite consumables, including Lil Whip’s Special Serve and Frozen Ice Cream Cone, have returned as part of the shindig. And Fortnite Crew subscribers aren’t left out – they’re rewarded with the Nanner Buddy Back Bling just for logging into the game during the event. For costume connoisseurs, there are new and returning outfits up for grabs, including Chaos Explorer, Opal, and Purradise Meowscles.

While Summer Escape is a total blast, it’s unlikely to be the last content drop in the foreseeable future. The Elder Scrolls is supposed to be on it’s way to the island very soon and that crossover hasn’t been featured in the current event thus far. So stay tuned, the party’s just getting started!

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Fortnite, and all its summery goodness, is accessible on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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