Fortnite on the Verge of a Fantasy Crossover: The Elder Scrolls Edition

Fortnite x The Elder Scrolls
Fortnite x The Elder Scrolls

If rumour mills are to be believed, The Elder Scrolls is poised for a surprise touchdown in Fortnite soon. Fortnite’s star-studded battle royale arena has played host to a motley crew of characters in the past, from the brooding Geralt of The Witcher saga to Marvel’s notorious Dr Doom. It’s even rolled out the red carpet for WWE’s John Cena.

The merry band of Fortnite players, long accustomed to crossovers with other franchises in the free-to-play battle royale romp, are eagerly anticipating the forthcoming Fortnite x LEGO love-child. This intriguing alliance between Epic and the brick masterminds from Denmark promises to tap into the Metaverse to transport real-world LEGO masterpieces into the game, although the specifics remain as elusive as a Fortnite victory for some of us.

The Elder Scrolls Invades Fortnite: Leaks Suggest a Berserker Debut

A Twitter post by the ever-reliable Fortnite insider, Shiina, has lit the fuse of anticipation for The Elder Scrolls Online aficionados. The tweet teases the appearance of a Berserker-inspired character in Fortnite, currently tantalisingly out of players’ reach, suggesting a big reveal could be just around the corner. Completing this loot crate of joy are two weapons; an Elder Scrolls hefty axe and an automatic weapon, decked out in Berserker hues.

Bethesda is no newcomer to the Fortnite merry-go-round, having previously chipped in the DOOM franchise’s Doom Slayer as a Fortnite playable character. This fresh collaboration promises to expand on this foundation, injecting Fortnite with characters and kit from one of Bethesda’s flagship franchises, a prospect that is whetting appetites across the gaming community.

Fortnite’s Awaited Confirmation on The Elder Scrolls Crossover

Although the tidbit remains unverified by either Bethesda or Epic, it hasn’t put the brakes on the flurry of excitement among gamers at the prospect of the Berserker gatecrashing the Fortnite party. The choice of the Berserker, however, has stirred a spirited debate, with many suggesting that Dovahkiin from Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim might have been a better pick, given his iconic status and recognition factor.

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The potential Fortnite-Elder Scrolls Online crossover remains shrouded in mystery, with neither Epic Games nor Bethesda stepping forward to confirm or deny the news. However, the gaming community is all abuzz at the prospect of another Fortnite partnership. As for the release date, it’s literally anyone’s guess. However, following the pattern of Microsoft’s collaboration which saw Master Chief drop into Fortnite, it’s expected that the content will be platform agnostic, once it lands.

Fortnite remains up for grabs on Mobile, Windows PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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