World of Warcraft: Explore the Trading Post’s Expanded Stock this Summer

Trading Post Stock Expansion World of Warcraft
Trading Post Stock Expansion World of Warcraft

For a brief spell, World of Warcraft’s emporium of trade, the Trading Post, is spicing things up by adding new and vintage stock for players to splash their Trader’s Tenders on. The expanded selection includes treasures from bygone World of Warcraft expansions and events, along with elusive items that have evaded players for an age.

World of Warcraft’s Trading Post: Microtransaction Speculations

By and large, World of Warcraft gamers have reacted positively to the Trading Post, although recent whispers from the datamining community have indicated that Trader’s Tender currency might soon be making an appearance in the Blizzard Store as a future microtransaction.

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Blizzard remains coy on these unearthed treasures, causing some players to raise an eyebrow towards the future trajectory of the Trading Post. The passage of time will reveal whether this potential change comes to fruition, but until then, WoW players can relish in a fresh batch of Trading Post goodies and quests coming their way.

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Over July and August, the Trading Post shelves will boast some coveted items, luring players to part with their hard-earned Trader’s Tenders. Among the rewards is the ethereal Spectral Tiger Cub, previously tied to a World of Warcraft TCG item code, now obtainable for 750 Trader’s Tenders.

Unmissable Vintage Mounts at World of Warcraft’s Trading Post

Faction-specific mounts – Alliance’s Alabaster Stormtalon and Horde’s Alabaster Thunderwing – originally part of the 18th Anniversary Bundle of WoW, will be trotting into the Trading Post later in the season. Meanwhile, amass 1000 Traveler’s Log points by participating in summertime tasks like the Midsummer Fire Festival or Auction House Dance Party, and you’ll earn yourself the majestic Grotto Netherwing Drake mount and an extra 200 Trader’s Tenders.

A selection of yesteryear Trading Post items is poised for a comeback this July, including the regal Filigreed Lion’s Maw shield and the icy Fists of Polar Fury weapon. Missed the Diablo 4 crossover event? Fear not, you have another chance to acquire the noble Tyrael’s Charger mount for 900 Trader’s Tenders. This beast was previously a limited-time preorder bonus for Diablo 3 back in 2012.

Although the Trader’s Log is jam-packed with activities, it’s curious to find no mention of tasks linked to the upcoming Fractures in Time content update in the July log. Regardless, World of Warcraft players won’t be short of adventures to embark on this summer.

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World of Warcraft is ready for play right now on Windows PC.

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