World of Warcraft: The Dawn of Grommash Hellscream in Dragonflight Dungeon

Grommash Hellscream WoW
Grommash Hellscream WoW

At long last, World of Warcraft is honouring a legendary persona with a long-anticipated boss fight. This standout World of Warcraft character is primed to make an appearance during an encounter in the upcoming Dragonflight dungeon.

Blizzard recently offered players an inaugural glimpse at Patch 10.1.5, known as Fractures in Time–the subsequent content refresh for World of Warcraft. While the update is brimming with enthralling features, the introduction of the Dawn of the Infinites mega-dungeon to Dragonflight is arguably the most intriguing of the lot.

A Legendary Presence: Grommash Hellscream Joins the Battle

While this upcoming mega-dungeon promises to spotlight prominent figures from the annals of Warcraft, one character particularly overshadows the rest: Grommash Hellscream. The legendary Orc war hero is slated to star as the boss of the Time-Lost Battlefield encounter for Alliance aficionados. This rendition of Grom showcases the fel-corrupted green skin, a stark contrast to his untainted Warlords of Draenor guise, aligning more with his memorable Warcraft 3 portrayal.

Grom is an iconic pillar of Warcraft’s rich history. He was the initial Orc to taste the blood of Mannoroth, thereby casting a curse upon his kin, only to eventually destroy Mannoroth, thereby lifting the curse years later. This revered figure also fathered Garrosh Hellscream–one of World of Warcraft’s most notorious characters–and was originally intended to be the final boss of the Warlords of Draenor expansion, a plan scrapped due to concerns of Orc boss oversaturation.

Gorehowl Returns: The Coveted Weapon of Hellscreams

It now appears Grom is due to receive a deserved boss fight, a prospect that has sparked a wave of exhilaration among fans. Hellscream, a crowd favourite, inspired a multitude of Orc fans in World of Warcraft to adopt Arms Warriors in emulation of him. The community is hopeful that the encounter will yield the high-res iteration of Gorehowl–the legendary ax brandished by both Hellscreams–which remained elusive after its Warlords of Draenor debut. Given the initial version of this weapon was highly sought after when it was introduced in Karazhan, this item would be a prized acquisition for many transmog collectors.

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Some observant players did point out that the fresh green-skinned Grom Hellscream model lacks a few signature attributes. Iconic renderings of the Orc feature him with glowing red eyes, a complete black chin tattoo, as opposed to a solitary patch, and deep purple hues on his pauldron and armour, rather than the generic red favoured by the Horde in WoW. These fans are hopeful for some minor adjustments to Grom’s design before the release of the mega-dungeon but remain eager to see the legendary character storm the battlefield nonetheless.

World of Warcraft is presently available for PC.

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