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World of Warcraft Simplifies Allied Races Unlocking in Upcoming Update

WoW Dragonflight
WoW Dragonflight
(Image Credit Blizzard)

In the upcoming Dragonflight update, World of Warcraft is set to drastically simplify the process of unlocking Allied Races. The traditionally rigorous requirements will be significantly relaxed, enabling players to create characters from any Allied Race with minimal hassle.

Blizzard recently provided a sneak peek into Patch 10.1.5, named Fractures in Time, in a blog post outlining the future of Dragonflight. Arriving in a couple of months, the update promises to inject a host of exciting features into World of Warcraft, including a third specialisation for the Evoker class, an intriguing time-twisting mega-dungeon, and an overhaul of the flying mechanics.

Allied Races: From Rigorous to Relaxed Requirements

One of the key enhancements in the forthcoming Dragonflight update centres around Allied Races. These unique player options previously necessitated the completion of a multitude of tasks to unlock. However, once Patch 10.1.5 is released, achievement completions will no longer be a prerequisite to unlock any Allied Races. Moreover, the minimum level to initiate the recruitment quests for these races has been lowered from 50 to 40. This adjustment means players can gain access to every Allied Race aligned with their faction as soon as they reach level 40, without the need to finish any Legion or Battle for Azeroth achievements.

The process of unlocking Allied Races has come a long way since their initial introduction into World of Warcraft. Initially, to access each Allied Race, players had to elevate their reputation to Exalted with specific factions. However, this requirement was eradicated in Shadowlands, making the unlocking procedure far less time-intensive.

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The relaxation of the criteria to unlock Allied Races has been widely applauded by players. While these races were initially conceived as a reward for dedicated players, the longevity of their presence in the game has led to the consensus that it’s a positive move to make them accessible to all without the need to plough through outdated content.

The Allied Races Dilemma: Powerful Racial Abilities in Spotlight

However, some players have raised concerns about the implications of making these races so effortlessly accessible. Allied Races are generally recognised as possessing some of the most potent racial abilities in the game. Prompting some to worry that players will feel obliged to select these new races purely for their abilities. Thankfully, even the most potent racial ability only slightly impacts gameplay. Nevertheless, there’s a growing call from fans for World of Warcraft to readdress some of the lacklustre abilities of older races to level out the competitive landscape.

World of Warcraft is currently available for PC.

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