World of Warcraft: Broadening Horizons with the Evoker’s Third Specialisation

world of warcraft dragonflight patch 10-1-5
world-of warcraft dragonflight patch 10-1-5
(Image Credit Blizzard)

World of Warcraft has formally announced the arrival of a tertiary specialisation for the Evoker class associated with Dracthyr in the imminent Dragonflight patch. This not only injects more diversity into the gameplay for this novel class but also paves the way for future content in the World of Warcraft realm.

In recent times, World of Warcraft enthusiasts have unearthed clues hinting at a tertiary specialisation for Evokers. In-game teasers, extracted spells and quests. Additionally there were cryptic comments from World of Warcraft developers. They hinted at Blizzard’s clandestine plans for this new Dragonflight class.

Unveiling Augmentation: A New Specialisation for Evokers

It now appears that these speculations have been substantiated. In a fresh blog post providing a sneak peek into the upcoming Dragonflight Patch 10.1.5, World of Warcraft has substantiated that Dracthyr are receiving a tertiary specialisation named Augmentation. This singular DPS specialisation employs Black and Bronze Dragonflight magic synergistically to fortify allies. In-turn providing buffs while utilising their own damaging capabilities.

As per the blog post, a multitude of these Evoker skills have automated, proximity-based targeting that can be manually overridden. This implies that players can automatically bestow buffs to proximate allies whilst engaging the enemy, or they can choose specific allies to fortify. Furthermore some of the unique abilities tied to this new Evoker specialisation in World of Warcraft include:

  • Eruption supplants Disintegrate with a volcanic outburst AoE attack.
  • Upheaval is an enhanced ability that propels enemies skyward with terrestrial prowess.
  • Breath of Eons takes the place of Deep Breath, accumulating damage dealt by allies into a substantial burst after a brief interval.
  • Ebon Might is a group buff that can be extended using abilities like the ones above.

New Talents and Gameplay: Advancing the Evoker Class

World of Warcraft has also provided a snapshot of some of the talents accessible to the Augmentation Evoker.

Draconic Attunement– Resonate with the Black Dragonflight: Provides passive health increase to the Evoker and allies.
– Resonate with the Bronze Dragonflight: Grants a passive movement speed increase to nearby allies.
Blistering Scales– Bolsters an ally’s Armor, enhancing their defense.
– Melee attacks against the protected ally cause damage to nearby enemies.
Bestow Weyrnstone– Creates two teleportation items.
– Evoker and target can use these items to teleport to each other over a significant distance.

This novel specialisation will be accessible when the Fractures in Time update is rolled out in a few months’ time. World of Warcraft followers can anticipate more details about this new Evoker specialisation in the forthcoming weeks, particularly once it becomes available on the Public Test Realm. Hopefully, this new inclusion signifies that Blizzard may introduce more options to other classes in the future, such as a tertiary specialisation for Demon Hunters in World of Warcraft.

World of Warcraft is currently available for PC.

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