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May Trading Post Rewards Revealed for World of Warcraft Players

World Of Warcraft Rewards
World Of Warcraft Rewards
(Image Credit Blizzard)

The upcoming Trading Post update for May will provide World of Warcraft players with new missions and collectables to anticipate starting next week. Since its introduction in Patch 10.0.5, the Trading Post in World of Warcraft has been updated monthly with fresh tasks for players to accomplish and rewards to earn.

Blizzard has stated that players must complete any unfinished objectives and obtain the April Trading Post rewards before the month concludes on Sunday, April 30th. Although it is uncertain when the Blades of Elune and other April rewards will reappear, Blizzard has confirmed that any rewards featured in the Trading Post may make a comeback in future months. Mount collectors may want to pay attention to May’s reward track, however.

What To Spend Your Trader Tenders On

Starting on May 1st, players who earn 1,000 Traveler’s Log points throughout the month will receive the Savage Green Battle Turtle mount, which is a ground mount adorned with spikes and rockets on its saddle. The Trading Post update will launch one day before the release of World of Warcraft Patch 10.1, Embers of Neltharion. The robotic Pippin pet, available for 600 Tenders, is one of the many rewards that players can acquire using their well-deserved Trader’s Tenders. Additionally cloaks and weapons ranging from 50 to 400 Tenders each are also up for grabs. World of Warcraft transmog hunters may want to save up for the most expensive reward of the month, the Vestment of the Horned Valarjar ensemble set, which will cost 800 Trader’s Tenders. Naturally, players who have saved up Tenders from previous months will have more choices to make with the upcoming slate.

WOW Rewards

World of Warcraft players must complete Traveler’s Log objectives themed around the Children’s Week holiday and some of the content that will be added with Patch 10.1. One of the new objectives will grant players 150 points in the Traveler’s Log for finishing one of the Fyrakk Assaults, a world event that will periodically appear throughout the Dragon Isles. However, May’s objectives will not include the Aberrus raid instance, which will be available on May 9th.

Furthermore, WOW players can receive extra rewards through Twitch Drops next week by viewing Embers of Neltharion content presented by participating channels. You can check out all the details via the official website as Blizzard posted an update on there. With the Trading Post and all the new features that Patch 10.1 brings, the upcoming month may be one of the most action-packed times in World of Warcraft history.

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