Nintendo Switch Online Subscribers Get Free Access to Zelda Spin-Off Game

Nintendo Switch Online
Nintendo Switch Online
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During the upcoming week, the trial service provided by Nintendo Switch Online will make Cadence of Hyrule: Crypt of the NecroDancer available. Upon its initial release in 2018, Nintendo Switch Online offered only a small fraction of its current features. It appears that Nintendo has begun investing more effort into its online service, enhancing it to keep fans engaged and returning for more.

The Zelda spin-off launched on the 13th of June 2019. This unforeseen crossover between a major AAA name and an indie title exceeded everyone’s expectations in terms of success. The game will be accessible in its entirety for all Nintendo Switch Online members from the 1st of May at 6 PM BST until the 7th of May at 6:59 AM BST. The official @NintendoAmerica Twitter account tweeted out the news as seen below:

Make Sure To Download Your Free Game Trial

Nintendo Switch Online includes a service that enables subscribers to download and play free game trials, allowing them to enjoy full versions of games for a limited time. Fortunately, this feature is accessible to anyone who owns the base version of the online service, so there’s no need to purchase the Expansion Pack. With The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s release date fast approaching, many Zelda enthusiasts will be delighted to learn that a game related to the series will be available as a week-long game trial.

Set in Hyrule, Cadence of Hyrule challenges players to defeat classic Zelda enemies and navigate dungeons while moving to the rhythm of the beat. Although it’s a Zelda spin-off, the game draws significant inspiration from other titles in the series. The main story typically takes around six to eight hours to complete, while each DLC pack requires approximately four to five hours. Players who enjoy the game but can’t finish it in time will be pleased to learn that the full title, along with its downloadable content, will be available on the eShop at a 40 percent discount until May 14th.

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