Fortnite 25.10 Update: Unveiling Two Exciting New Reality Augments

Fortnite Two New Reality Augments
Fortnite Two New Reality Augments

Fortnite’s initial major patch for Chapter 4 Season 3 has landed, ushering in a duo of novel Reality Augments. The season, which kicked off on the 9th of June, has already ignited spirited debates within the gaming community, given its distinct tweaks and inclusions.

Reality Augments: Fortnite’s Newest Innovations

Many an eyebrow was raised when gamers discovered the eviction of all portable mobility items from Fortnite’s flagship battle royale mode, a move that seemed ill-advised to some. The sprawling map, studded with imposing cliffs and vast expanses of water, can indeed be a challenge to navigate merely using vehicles, especially when one needs to skedaddle away from the looming storm.

Nevertheless, that appears to be the single rough patch in an otherwise smooth journey. The silver lining comes in the form of a treasure trove of new content that keeps players engaged and invested. As the moniker Fortnite WILDS suggests, this season takes you deep into the heart of a fresh jungle biome, the focal point of all new features introduced this season. Located right in the centre of the map, these enticing Fortnite jungle POIs ensure players need not fret over a quick escape from the storm whilst immersing themselves in exploration.

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Fortnite’s Mud Mechanic: A Game Changer in the Wilds

The season’s inception also introduced mud to Fortnite, serving dual purposes, a clever hideout offering camouflage and a slick speedy surface when coated in it. Now, the latest Update 25.10 has further elevated the utility of mud through the integration of two Reality Augments. The Mud Warrior Augment grants players the ability to replenish health and shields while muddy, while the SMG Extended Mag Augment pumps up the player’s SMG magazine capacity.

Though the Mud Warrior Augment is certainly the more eye-catching of the two, the SMG Extended Mag Augment, while seeming mundane, offers a nifty Season 3 advantage in the heat of battle.

Regrettably, the Aerialist Reality Augment remains locked in the vault, which could have added a much-needed mobility boost this season. It’s undoubtedly one of the best augments in the game and a real fan-favourite.

However, Update 25.10 has resurrected the Shockwave Grenades, a vintage mobility item tracing back to Chapter 1. Though on the surface they don’t quite match the speed of the ODM Gear or the Spider-Verse Web-Shooters, it does offer a shot in the arm for players seeking to traverse the map more swiftly.

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Players have already come up with super-cool ways to use them and it involved mixing them with one particular reality augment. We’re talking of course about the soaring sprints augment. All you have to do is throw a shockwave grenade whilst looking down at your characters feet and then sprint and you’ll end up halfway across the map. It’s a neat little trick and one worth mentioning to give you a help in hand for mobility.

Fortnite can be enjoyed on a wide range of platforms, including Mobile Devices, Windows PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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