Fortnite Unvaults Shockwave Grenade: New Mobility in Zero Build

ortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 Shockwave Grenade
Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 Shockwave Grenade

Brace yourselves, Fortnite fanatics, the Shockwave Grenade is making a triumphant return, rekindling the ability to catapult players across the map in a flash. With Chapter 4, Season 3 attracting a mixture of responses, the franchise endeavoured to jazz things up with an adventurous tropical twist. Enter the new Jungle POIs, the resurgent Raptors, and an exciting arsenal of distinctive weaponry, from Cybertron Cannons to Wildwasps. However, even with these novelties, players mourned the absence of some cherished mobility items.

The WILDS Season: The Loss of Mobility and Fans’ Frustrations

As the WILDS season unfurled, players noticed a frustrating limitation in the mobility department. With the significant vaulting of beloved mobility contraptions such as the ODM Gear and Spider-Verse Web-Shooters, and the prior ejection of the Kinetic Blade, fans felt shackled in their movement across the battle royale map. No immediate replacements for these missing gadgets left many players lamenting their sluggish navigation.

Fortnite Shockwave Grenade Unvaulted

Fortunately, a saving grace is in sight. The confirmation came courtesy of the official Fortnite Status Twitter account. The tweet above unveils the Shockwave Grenade’s forthcoming comeback with the v25.10 update. Tradition dictates that these updates typically fall on Tuesdays, so June 20th promises the exciting resurrection of this item for the WILDS season. Curiously, the Shockwave Grenade is earmarked exclusively for the Zero Build game mode, bypassing the standard Battle Royale build mode for now. But watch this space, as Epic Games continually adapts to the chorus of fan feedback.

Those players revelling in the slower pace of this season’s mobility constraints are unlikely to kick up a fuss over this news. After all, Shockwave Grenades pack a punch, but without a hefty stash, players won’t be globe-trotting around the map at lightning speed. Deploy a Shockwave Grenade and enjoy a momentary adrenaline rush as an energy surge catapults the player a handful of metres forward or skyward.

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Meanwhile, another faction of players, tantalised by whispers of the Grapple Glove’s return, may feel a tad letdown. This gear, akin to the ODM or Web-Shooters, was hoped to facilitate swift map traversal, creating a playground of rapid-fire movement. It appears that Epic Games is endeavouring to strike a sweet spot of providing beneficial mobility tools, without making the Storm Circle an easily outmanoeuvred feature of the game.

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