Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2: Kinetic Blade Removed From Tournaments

Fortnite Kinetic Blade
Fortnite Kinetic Blade

The turbo-charged weapon, Kinetic Blade, has momentarily been removed from Fortnite’s competitive play due to a vexing exploit. A consensus among enthusiasts is that the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2, dubbed the MEGA season, has offered an exhilarating journey. The season saw an infusion of cyberpunk vibes and high-octane gameplay. A testament to this is the Mega City, a colossal urban marvel glowing with neon lights amidst towering structures and omnipresent steam.

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The current season has gifted players with an array of novel offerings such as the Nitro Drifter, the Rogue Bike, grind rails, and of course, the Kinetic Blade. These ingredients collectively spiked the adrenaline in Chapter 4 Season 2. Mobility aids in Fortnite aren’t merely about evading storm damage; they also serve as lifelines to escape imminent elimination in precarious encounters. Regrettably, gamers will now face a narrowed set of options.

Repercussions of Kinetic Blade’s Temporary Departure

The Kinetic Blade’s temporary banishment from competitive game formats was declared via Fortnite’s official status Twitter handle. A significant number of players incline towards landing on the southeastern territories of the map, largely due to the frequent appearances of the Kinetic Blade in these areas in Chapter 4 Season 2. This high-utility tool, equipped with endless charges, a swift cooldown, and widespread availability, is a preferred choice over vehicles or the ODM Gear which was also recently disabled.

The widely accepted speculation traces the origin of this action to an exploit that surfaced a few days ago, which players promptly began to misuse. The exploit allowed players to eliminate adversaries from any distance without suffering any damage, achieved by momentarily disconnecting Wi-Fi, attacking the opponent with the Kinetic Blade, and then reconnecting. The exploit’s notoriety rapidly spread among the community, resulting in player reports and prompt action from Epic Games. In quick succession, 24-hour bans were imposed, and the weapon was excluded from tournaments.

It raises eyebrows that the weapon hasn’t been temporarily exiled from more modes since the exploit is not playlist specific and affects Battle Royale, Zero Build, and the newly introduced Ranked game mode. This may merely be an interim fix for this predicament, which perhaps explains its limited application to tournaments. This surely negates the possibility of gamers exploiting this loophole in the Champions Console Cup – a high-stakes Fortnite tournament boasting a hefty $250,000 prize pool.

Fortnite is readily available on Windows PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Mobile Devices.

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