Epic Games Now Pays Fortnite Creators

Epic Games Now Pays Fortnite Creators
Epic Games Now Pays Fortnite Creators

Fortnite creators are going to be rewarded!

Epic Games is modifying Creator Economy 2.0 with a new engagement payout formula. Starting on 1 November 2023, a new metric will reward creators when individual players spend V-Bucks, either before or after engaging with their island. This considers factors like playtime, player retention, and return visits to the map.

According to the community, this payment approach has streamlined things. But Epic is not done yet. This time, it will incorporate in-game transactions involving V-Bucks, allowing creators to profit from this as well.

Change Aims to Better Reflect Impacts

Epic Games first introduced the engagement payouts in March. Creators are paid from a pool of 40% of Fortnite’s net revenues each month.

Now, the company states this is to more accurately recognize the impact on the shared payout pool. It also measures overall economy growth. Unfortunately the changes won’t be reflected in payouts until 30 December 2023.

On the player side, Epic remains focused on leveraging content to make the battle royale as fun and appealing as possible. They know that players enjoying the online title are more likely to keep returning and spending money through V-Bucks purchases. So enabling talented ones to be rewarded for driving strong engagement and participation is a win-win for all.

Of course, some may be skeptical of the timing around this new metric being added shortly after V-Bucks pricing increases. However, the company emphasizes that creators should remain focused on providing fun and compelling experiences above all else. While revenue sharing is important, enjoying ongoing creativity and collaboration with the community should be the top priority.

By taking in feedback and iterating on programs like Creator Economy, both Fortnite and the community can thrive together. The shared passion for keeping the battle royale fun and innovative continues to drive progress. The idea of putting the creative players first in projects like this stays strong, even though the details might change.

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