Fortnite Players Wary of Leaked Creator Marketplace Plans

Fortnite Players Wary of Leaked Creator Marketplace Plans
Fortnite Players Wary of Leaked Creator Marketplace Plans

Fortnite leaker, iFireMonkey, has claimed that Epic Games is working on creating a marketplace where creators can sell their own custom content. Many players think this is a terrible idea. They believe it will turn this popular game into another online video title filled with random user-generated content.

According to leaks, Epic wants to take these collaborations even further by launching a full marketplace for creators’ content. In theory, this could allow them to make and sell their own exclusive items for their fans to buy. There would be a review process to prevent copyright issues and make sure the content is original. For many Fortnite creators, it could become a great new revenue stream.

Fans Fear Leaked Marketplace Will Be “Another Roblox”

However, most players seem to hate the idea because they feel it will fundamentally change the game’s identity. They say it will end up like another popular online game driven heavily by user-generated content called Roblox which they tend to either love or hate, and so they don’t want that divisive style coming to Fortnite.

Others dislike it and want Epic to cancel the marketplace project. Their main concern is that people could still steal and resell others’ work, even if there is a review system. They warn that greedy creators might just recolor the same assets and charge high prices.

Since this marketplace is still just a leak, key details remain unknown. We don’t know what type of creator content would be available, how extensive the review process would be, or whether it will actually benefit creators.

The battle royale recently unveiled a brand new event entitled Fortnitemares, in which the Halloween season is celebrated. Brand news skins, items and challenges have been released and the event has gone down well within the community.

Until Epic Games officially announces the marketplace, everything is uncertain. If more fans speak out against it, Epic could decide to abandon the idea altogether. But if done right, it could also provide neat opportunities for the creative community. We’ll have to wait for more concrete details to know whether this leaked marketplace will sink or swim.

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