7 Fortnite Creative 2.0 Maps That Will Blow Your Mind


After numerous delays and a long wait, the Unreal Editor for Fortnite Battle Royale and Fortnite’s Creative 2.0 have finally been released. While most creators are just beginning to explore the new UEFN tools, Epic has provided early access to a select group of creators and showcased some Creative 2.0 tech demos of its own. As a result, a few maps are already available for you to try out.

Although it is still in its early stages, the current offerings are a vast improvement over what has been previously created in Creative mode. There are individual deathmatch maps, competitive Cookie Clicker-style games, and an impressive Color Switch map. With a far greater memory limit and the ability to incorporate custom assets, these old modes will start to feel like they are new experiences which is a welcomed addition to the video game world.

In addition, there are some glimpses of the full potential of Creative 2.0, such as 2D platformers, a rough recreation of the original Chapter 1 Battle Royale island, and some demos from Epic that feature significantly better graphics than those previously seen in Fortnite.

While the UEFN maps currently do not offer battle pass XP, it is still worthwhile to explore them to see Epic’s vision for the future of its metaverse. Below are some of the new UEFN maps that we believe are worth exploring for a few minutes. The number of maps available is already greater than expected, which is a positive sign.

Check out Pirate Adventure by 3D Lab with the island code (2810-0903-5967)

This is a relaxing crafting RPG game where you play as a pirate who has crashed onto a deserted island. Your objective is to construct a town, complete quests, discover treasure, and interact with skeleton characters, among other pirate-related activities. Pirate Adventure is a remarkable example of how UEFN levels can be more stable and well-crafted.

Currently, saving progress is not possible, but the developers have stated that this feature is in the works. Until then, it’s best not to spend too much time tinkering with it. Nonetheless, it’s worth exploring other islands for a few minutes to get a sense of the game’s potential.


Epic’s Deserted: Domination, with the island code (8035-1519-2959)

This is a straightforward deathmatch map with control points and a humorous 2008 grim-and-gritty filter that gives it a Call of Duty-like appearance. Deserted is an enjoyable map for engaging in shooting battles. You’ll get massive COD vibes from this map. Additionally, the map is entertaining because of how it starkly differs from the standard Fortnite aesthetic, which is its primary objective.


Check out AtlasCreative’s Atlas OG Battle Royale with the island code (2179-7822-3395)

This map attempts to recreate the Chapter 1 Battle Royale island from 2017. While they couldn’t replicate it perfectly within the memory limits of Creative 2.0, it’s still fascinating to visit the original stomping grounds and see how far the game has come.

The map does have some bugs and is not always functional, as I have only been able to complete two rounds out of more than a dozen attempts. Additionally, the team has removed modern quality-of-life features such as sprinting and sliding, so expect to encounter OG players who have never left build mode.

As someone who switched to Zero Build a year ago and never looked back, that’s how all my rounds on this map have ended, but it’s still well worth checking them out for a nostalgic trip down memory lane that will give you goosebumps.

new tilted

TeamAlliance’s Reclamation map, with the island code (1135-0371-8937)

It shares similar concepts to Deserted, including a control point, but with a single one that moves periodically. The map also has a unique aesthetic, with a mossy ruins atmosphere.

reclamation fortnite

Go play BrendannnD’s Ninja Battles 5v5 on Island code (5227-8658-2604)

It’s a control point mode with a unique custom weapon system. By utilizing the signal remotes, players can transform themselves into a whirlwind with a special combat ability based on their chosen ninja type. Although the weapon system may be a bit janky and unintuitive, it’s the only UEFN map at the moment that attempts such a feature, making it worth checking out.


Forest Guardian (0348-4438-3263) and The Space Inside (9836-7381-5978)

These are two tech demos that showcase breathtaking graphics. Although they are brief and devoid of meaningful gameplay, they give us a glimpse of what the future holds for Fortnite skins in upcoming UEFN experiences. After watching these demos, I feel better about the money I’ve spent on the game.


These codes should keep you busy for hours, days, if not weeks on end and you can be sure that more and more are going to be created by creators in the coming months ahead too. Stay tuned to GLN as we keep you updated on all things Fortnite as soon as the news is out.

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