Fortnite Challenges: Bouncing off Lily Pads, Tires and Air Vents in One Match

fortnite mega city
Fortnite Mega City

A new week has arrived in Fortnite, signalling the arrival of new challenges that offer XP rewards and unlockable cosmetics for the season. The majority of the challenges in Week 4 are easy to accomplish since they have indicators to direct you and show how to complete them. However, one challenge asks you to jump on a tire, a lily pad, and an air vent all in one match. If you’re wondering where to locate them, here’s a guide to help you out.

How To Bounce Off Air Vents, Tires And Lily Pads In A Single Match

To complete this challenge, you’ll need to traverse three distinct locations within a single match, so get ready to cover some ground although not too much. However, we’ve devised an efficient route that should help you maximise your time and minimise your effort. The three POI’s are very close to each other in-fact and with loads of movement in the game like Katana Swords, cars, bikes, slip streams just to name a few, it shouldn’t be hard for you to get to each one quickly.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 Week 4 Challenges

Start by landing at the racetrack located north of Mega City [1]. There are several tires scattered throughout the area that you can easily bounce on, especially around structures. Additionally, you can take advantage of the numerous vehicles parked around this location to quickly reach your next target.

Next, you’ll need to head south to the massive Mega City [2]. There are plenty of air vents located throughout the POI, so you can use the various grind rails or climb up tall buildings using zip-lines to spot them. You can also use the same vehicle you used earlier or grab a brand new one in the city to reach your final destination.

Make your final move by heading towards Steamy Springs [3] located in the southwest direction. Keep a lookout on the water bodies as you can spot lily pads all around. Bounce on one of these pads to complete the third and final task of the challenge. With this, you have successfully bounced on all three required items in a single match to complete the challenge.

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