Exciting News for Fortnite Fans: Leaked Star Wars Skins!

Fortnite Star Wars
Fortnite Star Wars
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The latest update in Fortnite has revealed that Star Wars characters will soon be available as skins in the game. This comes after the Attack on Titan crossover event in Chapter 4, Season 2, which introduced several new cosmetic items and characters. The upcoming Star Wars content is expected to add more items inspired by the iconic franchise.

Leaks are easy to find with the popular Battle Royale game as they can be located in the game files, so players will always know what is coming. There’s not really a way round this but if you’re not one for spoilers then we suggest you stop reading on now, if not then here’s the tweet that revealed all below:

As you can see, the news was broke by ShiinaBR, a Fortnite insider and dataminer, recently shared that two upcoming Star Wars skins were codenamed CirrusVine and PlotTwist, with each skin featuring a back bling, pickaxe, glider, and wrap.

PlotTwist also includes an emote. While it is unclear which specific Star Wars characters will be featured in the skins, the upcoming release of Star Wars: Jedi Survivor and the finale of The Mandalorian Season 3 suggest several potential options for the crossover.

A Strong Partnership

Fortnite and Star Wars have a longstanding partnership that has brought many iconic characters and items from the Star Wars universe into the game. In the past, special Fortnite events have teased the return of Palpatine and featured Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and more. Despite the wealth of Star Wars content already present in Fortnite, there is always room for more given the rich lore and diverse characters of the franchise. With new Star Wars content set to release in 2023, fans can expect even more exciting crossovers in the future.

Speculations are rife that the two characters set to make their debut in the Battle Royale game could be Cal Kestis from the Star Wars: Jedi series and either Moff Gideon or Grand Admiral Thrawn to create anticipation for the Ahsoka series, slated for release in August 2023.

However, it’s worth noting that the developers Epic Games hasn’t made any official announcements about the crossover, so these speculations are yet to be confirmed.

It goes without saying that May 4th will no doubt be the release date for these cosmetics as that’s globally known as Star Wars day. The franchise always have something special under their sleeve for that specific date so this year won’t be any exception.

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