Ninja, SypherPK, and Other Top Streamers Are Making Their Own Battle Royale Game

Project V Battle Royale
Project V Battle oyale
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Today, the popular Twitch and YouTube gaming personalities Ninja, SypherPK, CouRageJD, Nickmercs, and TimTheTatman announced that they are developing a new battle royale game called Project V, which is set to release next year.

Ninja and TimTheTatman are the most renowned names involved in the project by a mile. Ninja, whose Twitch channel has about 18.5 million followers, is the most-followed streamer on the platform. He was at his absolute peak when Fortnite first burst onto the scene and he got very popular streaming the title. TimTheTatman, on the other hand, has approximately 7 million followers and is ranked 17th in terms of popularity. He was good friends with Ninja and still is, but Tim has gone over to Warzone and Tyler prefers Fortnite so they don’t play together as often these day.

SypherPK, with 6.4 million followers, is not far behind and is on the same level as Amouranth and other well-known streamers. On YouTube he has quite the following, easily generating millions of views on Fortnite uploads each and every week. Jack “CouRageJD” Dunlop and Nicholas “Nickmercs” Kolcheff, although not as popular as the other three, still have respectable followings.

Aiming For A 2024 Release

Today, the five Twitch streamers announced Project V via the game’s new Twitter account. SypherPK’s Super Joy Studios is developing the game using the Unreal Editor for Fortnite, which launched in March. The Twitch streamers were inspired to create Project V after the release of Fortnite, according to the developer’s website. The game will feature a complete map, custom weapons, and unique mechanics, but the studio has not yet revealed any specifics. Currently, information about the game is limited to a promotional image showcasing the visual style of Project V’s player characters.

SypherPK is the only member of the five Twitch streamers with any kind of development experience in the gaming industry. Super Joy Studios, which consists of SypherPK, his wife Daniela Ali, a manager, and three developers, has only produced custom maps for Fortnite so far. Despite this, the studio’s website emphasises that all five streamers have extensive knowledge of battle royale games. While Ninja and SypherPK gained their popularity mainly through collaborating together and doing livestreams, it remains uncertain how well their gameplay experience will translate to designing a game of their own.

If they require outside investors, they would likely have no difficulty finding them. The creators involved are capable of funding a significant game development project themselves. In addition, Super Joy Studios is actively seeking new developers to assist with the project. So if you’re a developer and looking for a job, now you know where to go. More news to follow on this story no doubt, but today is the first day it’s been announced. Look out for additional stories regarding Project V in the not so distant future.

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