Darth Vader Returns to Fortnite: Here’s What You Need to Know

Darth Vader Fortnite
Darth Vader Fortnite
(Image Credit Epic Games)

Darth Vader is set to join the upcoming Find the Force quests in Fortnite, as gamers gear up for a battle against the iconic character. Fortnite and Star Wars have collaborated successfully several times before, with infamous characters appearing as skins and events featuring Lightsabers as melee weapons. In celebration of May the 4th, the two franchises have teamed up again for a Star Wars Battle Pass in Fortnite.

To complete this Battle Pass, players must finish Find the Force quests and earn Galactic Reputation. Doing so before the event’s conclusion will unlock the free Clone Trooper skin, while those who purchase the premium reward track can obtain four Star Wars skins, including Sith Lord Darth Maul. The event runs until May 23, with Epic Games gradually adding new quest sets during its three-week duration.

Arriving Next Week

Renowned community leaker Wenso has already uncovered the remaining quests in the game files, revealing that Darth Vader will return to the battle royale island around May 13th. As part of the Fall of the Republic set of Find the Force quests, players will need to help defeat Darth Vader. To complete all quests and receive the free Star Wars loading screen, players must participate in the mission, but they only need to land a few hits on Vader rather than eliminate him.

Fans hope that this time around, Darth Vader’s appearance on the island will present a more formidable challenge. Some players found last year’s encounter underwhelming and believed the powerful character deserved a more exciting showdown.

Initial leaks about the Star Wars event hinted at additional Lightsaber options and Force powers, suggesting more surprises lie ahead. The Fortnite event has already proven popular among fans, who were thrilled by the unexpected scale of the event, including special abilities and a themed Battle Pass.

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