Destiny 2 to undergo significant subclass and ability changes, Bungie revealed

Destiny 2 Season 21 Abilities
Destiny 2 Season 21 Abilities
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Before its weekly blog post, Bungie offered a preview of the various adjustments planned for every Destiny 2 subclass, including the latest Darkness abilities known as Strand. As a live service game, Destiny 2 constantly evolves through content expansions and stories. Bungie continually assesses progression methods and player base patterns, sometimes intervening to tweak or even nerf aspects of Destiny 2.

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The studio recently hinted at additional subclass changes coming in Destiny 2 Season 21, with a focus on Strand, the newest subclass that has gained popularity due to its innovative movement techniques. Although Season 21 is still weeks away, Bungie provided a sneak peek at the subclass and ability tuning arriving with the next season.

Adjustments To Subclasses & Abilities

Bungie’s combat gameplay team discussed upcoming adjustments to abilities, subclasses, and aspects in a new blog post. A significant portion of the update concerns changes to every subclass, including Strand, which launched with Lightfall. Roaming supers, such as Bladefury and Silkstrike, have undergone numerous tweaks over time. Bungie is now concentrating on other variants while increasing damage resistance for all PvE activities by 20%. Season 21 will also introduce subclass keywords where appropriate, with additions like Jolt and Scorch expected for some base supers.

For Hunters, Bungie expressed satisfaction with each super overall, with Golden Gun and Arc Staff receiving a 20% PvE damage buff. Spectral Blades and Gathering Storm will see more substantial increases, with the Nightstalker Spectral Blades super gaining a 35% PvE damage boost and improved heavy attacks. Gathering Storm will experience targeted adjustments, with damage increases for direct hits, delayed damage strikes, and tick damage.

In contrast, Bungie feels Titan supers fall short in high-end PvE content, with Glacial Quake, Sentinel Shield, Hammer of Sol, and Burning Maul all receiving PvE damage boosts. Burning Maul players will generate a Sunspot on cast, and the heavy attack will apply scorch. Fist of Havoc will see cost reductions for light and heavy strikes, a 33% PvE damage boost, and heavy attacks that blind targets near the slam spot.

Lastly, Warlocks sit in between, with several subclasses receiving significant boosts. Voidwalker Warlocks will see improvements to both Nova Warp and Nova Bomb, while Stormcallers will experience a 25% PvE damage increase for Stormtrance and Chaos Reach, new status effects like Jolt, and damage resistance when using Chaos Reach. Winter’s Wrath will also receive a slight 10% PvE damage buff.

News Source – Bungie Blog

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