Destiny 2’s Update: Significant Weapon Buffs and Fixes

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Destiny 2 Patch 7 0 5 0
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Bungie has rolled out the much-anticipated mid-season update for Destiny 2, featuring an array of fixes, changes, and most notably, a significant weapon balancing overhaul that includes a sizeable damage boost. As an ever-evolving live service game, Bungie is always fine-tuning the online shooter to provide the best experience for its player base. With the recent release of the Lightfall expansion and Season of Defiance, the game has introduced new challenges and difficulties, necessitating a slew of updates and tweaks.

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Bungie are fixing numerous issues and making major changes to certain aspects of the popular online shooter. The update focuses on making various weapon types not only feel good to use but also viable within most aspects of the game, with a big emphasis on damage buffs. Despite the constant feedback and tweaks, Destiny 2 has settled into a good cadence, with most players generally happy with the game’s current state. However, the developers remains committed to improving and evolving the game for its dedicated fan-base.

Mid-Season Changes

The mid-season update for the shooter has brought some major changes, one of which is a substantial damage boost to primary weapons. Specifically, auto rifles now deal 25% more damage to red and orange-bar enemies in PvE content. Pulse rifles, hand cannons, and sidearms have received a 20% damage increase, while scout rifles have been buffed by 10%. With these significant upgrades, these weapons are sure to become more popular among players.

There are changes to different weapon archetypes, as well as modifications to a select few exotics as well. One notable change is the reduced zoom of the SMG Tarrabah, while the Ravenous Beast energy now generates when taking damage. Players who enjoy fashion can now both give and receive commendations for being the “Best Dressed” at the end of certain activities. Furthermore, the mid-season update has fixed issues related to higher-end Guardian Rank requirements. For instance, if a player had previously completed a dungeon solo or a raid on Master difficulty, it will now be retroactively acknowledged once they log in after the update.

The full Patch Notes can be found here and the game will be down for maintenance tonight for a few hours to ensure the update turns out well.

Destiny 2 can be played on various platforms and is out now for Windows PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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