Destiny 2: Season of the Deep – What to Expect in the Upcoming Chapter

Destiny 2 Season of The Deep
Destiny-2-Season of The Deep
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Although Bungie is typically renowned for maintaining secrecy regarding the future content of Destiny 2, the game developer’s most recent blog entry has unveiled a considerable amount of details about the key features to be introduced in the upcoming Season of the Deep. Among these revelations, the first comprehensive preview of the novel marine-inspired armour ornaments for Destiny 2 and what appears to be a new playable location, are particularly noteworthy.

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The initial teaser poster for Destiny 2’s Season of the Deep dropped subtle hints about what the forthcoming season might entail. Now, however, a plethora of data appears to have been fully substantiated, possibly even corroborating a Lightfall leak that has been circulating within the community for several months.

More precisely, the previously leaked details of Destiny 2’s Season of the Deep now appear to be more credible than ever, with one of the fresh in-game snapshots unequivocally stating that it portrays the setting sun over the moon Titan. Underwater ventures appear to be the central theme in the Season of the Deep, and indications suggest that players will have the chance to unlock a complete set of sea creature-inspired armour ornaments – likely the main prizes on offer via the Season Pass reward track.

Last Rite Scout Rifle: The New Powerhouse in Destiny 2’s Arsenal

Last-Rite Scout Rifle

Parallel to the ability enhancements in Destiny 2’s 21st season, this new content update also boasts a wealth of new weaponry. A standout among the disclosed arsenal is the Last Rite Scout Rifle. This Tex Mechanica weapon comes in a default configuration as a Kinetic Aggressive weapon, suggesting that it could prove to be an exceptionally powerful, high-impact tool in players’ kits. Players will have the opportunity to personalise it through three distinctive activity-themed Ornaments, as is customary with Ritual weaponry.

Destiny 2 Titan Sea Floor

Lastly, the previously alluded to undersea location has been previewed. Labelled as “one of the destinations [where players] will venture” during the Season of the Deep, the image has been named “Titan Sea Floor,” suggesting that players may indeed find themselves engaging in combat with adversaries on the ocean floor of Titan. It remains uncertain whether Titan will serve as an actual patrol zone or merely a series of fixed missions, but if it is the former, it may mark the first significant instance of Bungie permanently reinstating sunset content in Destiny 2.

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In addition to these updates, with a significant overhaul of Exotic tuning anticipated in Destiny 2 Season 21, Bungie appears to be making efforts to revitalise the player base after Lightfall received lukewarm reviews across the spectrum. Whether these efforts will be fruitful remains to be seen, but with the launch of the Season of the Deep scheduled for May 22, it won’t be long before it becomes apparent whether Bungie is heading in the right direction.

Destiny 2 is currently available for Windows PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4 and PS5.

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