Dead by Daylight’s 6.7.0 Update: New Changes to Killers, Perks, and More

Dead By Daylight Update
Dead By Daylight Update
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Dead by Daylight, the popular crooked multiplayer horror game, is set to receive a significant mid-chapter update, which will introduce several changes to the game’s perks, killers, and maps. As the game enters its seventh year as a live service title, it is crucial for Dead by Daylight to keep tweaking and balancing its gameplay elements, such as new perks, characters, and killers to maintain a balanced and enjoyable experience for its loyal community of horror enthusiasts.

Dead by Daylight has established itself as the go-to game for horror franchises and intellectual properties in the gaming industry. The game has a consistent track record of partnering with popular horror icons such as Resident Evil’s Nemesis, Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, and Ghost Face, among others.

With a total of 31 playable killers and 36 survivors in the game, the developers at Behaviour Interactive have their hands full ensuring that the title remains balanced across all characters. Despite receiving constant updates and improvements over the years, Dead by Daylight is a live service game, and players always expect more fixes and tweaks to enhance their gameplay experience.

The ganme’s developers took to Twitter to announce the upcoming mid-chapter update 6.7.0, which will introduce a plethora of changes and improvements to perks, killers, and Med-kits, among others. One of the seven perks receiving changes is Gearhead, which will now reveal survivors who perform Good skill checks when repairing generators, rather than Great skill checks.

This gives the killer a slight advantage in locating survivors. Additionally, there will be a universal change to all Med-kits, increasing the healing speed when healing others but decreasing self-healing speed. This is likely to encourage more survivor collaboration in terms of how they allocate healing resources among themselves.

Patch Notes For A Massive Update

The upcoming mid-chapter update for the game includes changes to the Blood Lodge and Gas Heaven maps in the Autohaven Wreckers Realm. The realm now has more lockers and pallets to aid survivors, and the gas station has been repositioned.

The Hillbilly, a chainsaw-wielding killer, has also received changes, including buffs to heat-gain during chainsaw rev-ups but a small nerf to heat gain during the Chainsaw Sprint ability. Additionally, the Bloodweb interface, which is used for character progression and spending bloodpoints to unlock perks and add-ons, has been made smoother and less clunky for players to navigate based on their feedback.

The patch notes are far too long to put here (we weren’t kidding) but you can view them via the official forums here and check them out for yourself. Get involved with the community as there will be like-minded players in those forums too.

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Hopefully this will be pleasing news for the player-base today, but fans must also realise that there probably isn’t going to be another update for a while again now after today’s big one.

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