Explore a Galaxy Far, Far Away with Fortnite’s Star Wars Battle Pass

Fortnite Star Wars Battle Pass
Fortnite-Star Wars Battle Pass
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The upcoming Fortnite x Star Wars collaboration will feature an extensive three-week event, complete with its own mini-Battle Pass. Fortnite has a history of joining forces with well-known brands and franchises, resulting in exciting collaborations that continue to captivate its global fanbase. These partnerships not only provide fans with a steady stream of fresh content, but they also offer a thrilling experience for those who appreciate both aspects of the collaboration.

Speculation about a potential Star Wars and Fortnite crossover event recently surfaced through leaks, which wasn’t surprising given the previous successful collaboration between the two. In due course, Epic Games confirmed the forthcoming Star Wars event in celebration of May the 4th and even announced the introduction of an Anakin Skywalker skin in the Item Shop once the Star Wars update goes live.

Find The Force Is Bigger & Better Than Expected

The upcoming event is set to be more expansive than initially anticipated. Similar to last season’s Most Wanted Fortnite event, a Star Wars-themed mini-Battle Pass called Find the Force will be introduced to the game. Players can unlock cosmetic items by completing various quests and progressing through the event pass. Gamers have the option to progress through the standard version of the pass or pay 1,000 V-Bucks for access to additional items.

With the free Find the Force Battle Pass, players can unlock the Clone Trooper skin. However, by opting for the paid pack, they can also access the Coruscant Guard skin, Wolf Pack Trooper, Ahsoka’s Clone Trooper, and Darth Maul. While some fans expressed disappointment about having to pay for the premium version, it does offer a wealth of new content.

Twitter users online suggests that some cosmetic items will eventually be available in the Item Shop at a higher price. Darth Maul, for example, is likely to cost 1,500 V-Bucks, similar to other main Star Wars skins in Fortnite. Players who aim to complete the Find the Force quests might find it more cost-effective to purchase the Premium reward pack.

The Fortnite Find the Force event is now live and will continue until May 23rd at 2 PM in UK time and 9 AM ET. The second set of Find the Force quests will be released on May 7th at 10 AM ET, allowing gamers to claim the remaining rewards.

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