Unrecord Dev Drops Insane Footage to Prove Their Crazy Realistic FPS is No Joke!

Unrecord Game Proof Real
Unrecord Game Proof Real
(Image Credit Drama Studio)

Unrecord’s jaw-dropping debut showcased photorealistic body-cam FPS visuals in a gameplay trailer earlier this week, prompting developer Drama to address critics doubting its authenticity. While the incredibly realistic visuals of Unrecord amazed most players, some skeptics questioned if the video consisted of actual gameplay or clever digital manipulation using live-action footage. To counter these claims, Drama co-director Alexandre Spindler shared behind-the-scenes footage of Unrecord in action on social media.

The video displays gameplay running in the Unreal Engine, allowing the user to navigate the same environment featured in the demo players had previously seen. The new gameplay demonstrates more of Unrecord’s free-aiming mechanics and shiny environments, providing undeniable evidence. Check out the Unrecord gameplay in the video below.

YouTube video

Developers Respond With A Post On Steam

In a very lengthy address to allegations that the game is a fake, the developers Drama Studio posted on a Steam page to put all doubts aside. The post mainly tackles the “scam” trailer accusations, the portrayal of police in the game, and some information about the game’s release window and porting. Regarding those who believe the game trailer is too good to be true, DRAMA appears flattered but ultimately confident that the trailer’s content is genuine. The post mentions that they captured the footage from an executable using a keyboard and mouse, and Unrecord is among the upcoming games utilising Unreal Engine 5.

DRAMA also stated,

“If Unrecord were a scam, it would be a blockbuster scam. Therefore, it is logically not one.”

Regarding the police controversy, people have frequently used the term “copaganda” on Twitter, accusing the game of exploiting real-life issues like police brutality, discrimination, and controversial body cam videos that have sparked nationwide outrage in the United States. However, DRAMA, a French video game studio, insists that people should wait for the game’s release before trying to interpret any political themes or messages it may convey. Drama Studios further explains that “the game neither involves any foreign policy nor draws inspiration from actual real-world events.”

Unrecord remains in the very early stages of development. The website mentions that the studio is actively seeking publishers and investors to support them until the game reaches its final stages. In response to the immense excitement generated by the first gameplay trailer, DRAMA may find itself in discussions with major industry players. It is hoped that the studio can leverage this initial excitement and create a game that fulfills the high expectations established by its remarkable debut, particularly in a sector where numerous awaited titles let down gamers.

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