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The New Upcoming Video Game Unrecord Looks Way Too Real

Unrecord Game
(Image Credit DramaGameStudio)

Unrecord, a new state-of-the-art video game, features players experiencing the game through the protagonist’s bodycam perspective. The recent trailer has many wondering if it’s actually a game or genuine bodycam footage.

Game developers have consistently pushed the limits of existing hardware and software, particularly when it comes to achieving realism. Virtual reality gaming has enabled players to immerse themselves fully in the game world, albeit with some limitations. For example, playing Resident Evil Village in VR is terrifying but not exactly photorealistic.

Unrecord Screenshot

Amazing Attention To Detail

However, that might change soon. A few days ago, the trailer for a new game called Unrecord was released, and it has stirred up the gaming community due to its seemingly non-game-like appearance.

In Unrecord, a first-person shooter, players control a police officer investigating a “complex case” requiring both “tactical and detective skills” for success. The entire game unfolds from the officer’s bodycam perspective, giving the impression of rewatching recorded footage.

Unrecord PC 1

Despite the bodycam angle, the game initially appears like any other standard FPS game. However, the gameplay footage has astounded viewers with its photorealism. The video’s realism led some to question its authenticity, with a few suspecting the trailer was merely actual bodycam footage pieced together.

Last year, Alexandre Spindler, the game’s developer, created a buzz when he tweeted an early concept video of the game. People debated whether it was gameplay or real footage, prompting Spindler to tweet a video of him playing the game in developer mode to silence skeptics.

The recently released trailer showcases a more refined appearance for the game, featuring a glimpse of its minimal UI and providing a preview of the enemy encounters.

Watch Early Gameplay Trailer In HD

Unrecord is set for release on PC. Though no release date is available yet, it can already be added to your Steam wishlist. If you haven’t already seen it, take a look at the trailer that Drama Game Studio released below.

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