Tower of Fantasy’s Sound of The Sea Expansion: Reveal Trailer

Sound Of The Sea Tower Of Fantasy Trailer
Sound Of The Sea Tower Of Fantasy Trailer
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Yesterday, Level Infinite, the publisher, and Hotta Studios, the developer, revealed Sound of the Sea, a highly anticipated expansion for the popular free-to-play open-world MMORPG, Tower of Fantasy. Scheduled for release on May 11th, this engaging expansion presents a brand-new map, world boss, simulacrum, and an array of new challenges for players to overcome.

Upon entering the Sound of the Sea expansion, players will set off on an exhilarating adventure to explore the Deepsea Caverns of The Dark Source, situated in the most dangerous depths of the ocean. To withstand the intense water pressure at these depths, players must upgrade their materials by accomplishing prerequisite missions. Furthermore, the expansion offers two new puzzle-solving missions, Trapped Patrol Guard and Inactive Surveillance Guard, adding an extra dimension of intrigue to the game.

Unlike previous Tower of Fantasy expansions, Sound of the Sea increases difficulty according to Dimension rather than Wanderer level. Consequently, players will encounter more formidable adversaries and receive greater rewards for solving puzzles and unearthing treasure chests.

The expansion also reveals a fearsome new World Boss, Abyssant: Nakya, an enormous red, spider-like skeleton that will challenge even the most seasoned Wanderers.

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Along with the new map, challenges, and World Boss, Sound of the Sea introduces a distinct physical simulacrum named Gnonno. Aspiring to become a renowned explorer like her grandfather, Nuok, Gnonno is notorious for her unruly and troublesome behaviour. Although she possesses extensive knowledge of the dangerous seas, a tragic incident involving her best friend from her past remains a mystery. Gnonno’s abilities consist of summoning a peculiar, octopus-like creature and controlling its tentacles, as well as utilising the potent weapon, Mini Hurricane, during her explorations.

Tower of Fantasy players can anticipate a plethora of new challenges and adventures in Sound of the Sea, set to enhance and broaden their gaming experience. Don’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in this enthralling expansion is set to release on May 11th!

Tower of Fantasy: Sound of The Sea will be out on Windows PC, IOS and Android.

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