Pokemon Enthusiast Creates Incredible Charizard Controller Stand

Pokemon Charizard Controller Stand
Pokemon Charizard Controller Stand
(Image Credit Pokemon)

A dedicated Pokemon fan has crafted unique controller stands inspired by Charizard, one of the most popular Pokemon in the franchise. While the internet abounds with Charizard fan art, these controller stands stand out for their functionality.

Charizard’s popularity within the Pokemon community is largely due to its connection to the series’ beginning. As Charmander’s final evolution, it has been a fan favourite since the original Kanto starters from Pokemon Red and Blue. Furthermore, Charizard’s striking draconic design adds to its appeal. A fan recently found a practical use for the impressive Pokemon’s head.

The Stands Have Amazing Attention To Detail

Reddit user Excellent_Echidna_95 showcased their recent Pokemon-themed project, creating controller stands bearing a striking resemblance to Charizard. The image featured eight Charizard models, each with a distinct color scheme. The stands’ ability to hold various devices, such as Xbox and GameCube controllers, a smartphone, and a Nintendo 3DS, made the fan art even more notable.

Upon posting their creation on Reddit, Excellent_Echidna_95 declared it one of their best projects and included a fire emoji to signify their approval of the design. Numerous Pokemon fans took notice, with several users praising the Pokemon-inspired design. The post’s popularity was evident by the hundreds of upvotes it received in less than a day. Many gamers inquired about purchasing their own Charizard controller stand, asking if the creator had an Etsy shop.

Charizard isn’t the only Pokemon to inspire real-life creations, as another fan recently crafted a life-sized stained glass statue of Squirtle. With Excellent_Echidna_95’s Charizard controller stands complete, it will be intriguing to see if they create more stands based on other Pokemon or inspire others to do so. While finding a suitable creature design for a stand may prove challenging, the franchise’s extensive roster of over 1,000 Pokemon offers plenty of potential options.

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