Is Fortnite Bringing Back the Chapter 1 Map? Leaks Suggest So

Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 5 Leak

Fortnite Leaks Suggest Iconic Chapter 1 Map May Return Through In-Game Time Machine.

Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 5 Leak

Fortnite’s ever-evolving island has undergone constant changes and introduced new locales over its many seasons. But recent leaks indicate a major backwards shift may soon occur – the return of the nostalgic original Chapter 1 map.

Epic Games has dedicatedly updated Fortnite with fresh seasonal content. The current Chapter 4 Season 4 recently entered the Fortnitemares Halloween phase. Meanwhile, dataminers have leaked upcoming skins and other content, as always occurs. But one notable leaker, HypeX, has suggested a dramatic map change is imminent.

Time Machine Could Enable Past Locale Revival

According to HypeX’s Twitter posts, Chapter 4 Season 5 will transport players back to the original map via the in-game Time Machine introduced this season. Players will allegedly experience the early Chapter 1 map first, gradually changing to reflect later seasons as Chapter 4 Season 5 progresses.

While HypeX hasn’t specified whether this means the absolute original map or a slightly later iteration, they showed Loot Lake, hinting at its return. HypeX also revealed Chapter 1 Season 5 items scattered around the current island, fitting the season’s time travel theme. The legendary location Tilted Towers was introduced in season 2 of the very first chapter so that will be included.

If we do end up back there, we’ll be at the point where a lot of changes to the map were made. Worlds Collide as was the slogan, included Anarchy Acres, the once rustic farm, which underwent a transformation into the opulent Lazy Links golf club. A majestic Viking Village was strategically placed atop a nearby mountain, overlooking Snobby Shores, complete with a grand Viking ship.

Nostalgia Overload – Iconic POI’s To Expect

Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 5 Gameplay Lazy Links
Lazy Links POI

Nature reclaimed Dusty Divot, overtaking the research facility as it crumbled and made a jungle like POI, mirroring the deterioration of the Hero Mansion and Villain Lair. The enigmatic Durr Burger head, having once materialised in the real world, was subsequently drawn back into a rift, reappearing atop a hill near Pleasant Park. In the vicinity of these altered locations, enigmatic rifts were scattered, offering loopers the exhilarating experience of soaring high into the sky when ventured into. These are still in the game today and offer great mobility to move fast around the map.

Other leaks bolster this speculation. The recent 26.30 update added the Time Machine, fueling rumours. Dated July 12th, 2018, matching Chapter 1 Season 5’s launch, the Time Machine also dropped Chapter 1 items on the island. The Chapter 1 sky appeared on an in-game billboard as well. An image of the time-traveling Kado Thorne exiting the Time Machine also circulated.

One leak connected Thor playing Chapter 1 Season 5 in Avengers Endgame, set in October 2023, as further evidence. While unconfirmed, these dots connected for some fans and this has to be the biggest clue so far!

Understandably, many nostalgic Fortnite fans have expressed excitement about the prospect of revisiting the iconic locales where they created so many memories. Though not yet certain, a time-twisted return to a past Chapter 1 map iteration could revive veteran players’ passion.

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Of course, with Chapter 4 Season 5 expected in November, nothing is guaranteed yet. Leaks remain speculative until official reveals. But the notion of temporarily turning back the clock into the battle royale’s formative era has undoubtedly sparked the community’s imagination ahead of the next season’s launch.

Fortnite is available now for Windows PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Mobile Devices, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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