Fortnite Party Brings Back Beloved Balloons For 6th Birthday Event

Fortnite Balloons
Fortnite Balloons

The 6th Birthday event in Fortnite Battle Royale is bringing back a fun and floaty blast from the past – Balloons! These handy helium balloons will be popping up across the island during the celebration from September 19th-26th.

Balloons are a vaulted mobility item that grants fall damage immunity and improved jumping height. Their limited-time return gives players a chance to enjoy their unique traversal abilities. While shockwave grenades are arguably better, they can run out in your inventory unlike the latest item.

Available as Floor Loot, in Chests, or Via Jump Balloon Augment

Where to Find balloons in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4

There are three ways to get balloons during the event. They can appear as floor loot, inside chests, or continually granted by the new Jump Balloon reality augment.

With Fortnite’s massive loot pool, finding balloons organically may prove difficult. But activating the Jump Balloon augment provides an endless supply automatically applied to your back. It persists indefinitely so choose this route carefully. Once you have selected it, you cannot get rid of them for the rest of that specific match.

Both standard balloons and the augment will vanish once the birthday event concludes on September 26th at 6AM UK Time/12AM ET. So take advantage while you can!

When acquired, balloons appear in stacks of 10 in your inventory. You can inflate up to 3 individual balloons, increasing jump height and slow fall effectiveness. The more balloons, the higher you’ll bounce! Having one attached to your character’s back is a great strategy for mobility across the map.

Equipped balloons unfortunately pop when taking damage or reaching extreme altitudes. But they can be intentionally released individually by crouching.

To inflate a new balloon, simply press the shoot button on whatever platform you are on. Then leap with carefree abandon! Just be wary of enemies with a razor sharp aim.

Mobility items like these enable creative strategies and unique playstyles. Their versatility allows for flanking attacks, access to unconventional high ground, and even stylish disengages.

Pair balloons with other movement items like the rifts scattered around the map or launch pads to really take advantage of the third dimension in combat and traversal.

Have fun With The Item Whilst It Lasts

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 Balloons

Fortnite’s free-flowing sandbox of wacky weapons and items enables boundless emergent gameplay. Ephemera like balloons exemplify this creative philosophy. They encourage experimentation and outside-the-box thinking.

While balloons have remained vaulted for some time, their return is a welcome blast from Fortnite’s early days. They provide pure, simple fun that anyone can enjoy.

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It’s easy to overlook them amidst flashier additions introduced since their removal. But these unassuming floating spheres uniquely enhance mobility and deliver thrilling new possibilities in chapter 4 season 4.

Their pigmented vinyl gleams with innocent charm, belying the potent power they hold. Celebrate Fortnite’s birthday by catching some air with balloons before they disappear again!

Fortnite is available for Windows PC, Mobile Devices, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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