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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3: Leaked Jungle Biome Map

Fortnite Jungle Biome Volcano
Fortnite Jungle Biome Volcano
Image Credit Epic Games

With the start of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 approaching in early June, leaks suggest that a new jungle biome might be added to the game. Epic Games frequently introduces fresh content to Fortnite to maintain player interest. While some of these changes have been met with controversy, Epic Games strives to keep the gameplay enjoyable and fair for everyone.

Whenever a new update drops, dataminers quickly start digging to uncover any potential leaks about what might be coming in the future. Recently, leakers have hinted at a possible collaboration between Doctor Who and Fortnite, much to the excitement of fans of both franchises eagerly waiting for any news. While cosmetic items are often the focus of leaks, many players get excited when they discover information about new additions to the game’s backstory.

A Jungle & Volcano In The Game Files

A trusted leaker in the Fortnite community, Wensoing, recently shared that the game files indicate that Chapter 4 Season 3 will introduce a jungle biome along with volcanic rocks. While the Fortnite island has had jungle locations in the past, such as Lazy Lagoon in Chapter 1 and Stealthy Stronghold in Chapter 2, it has been a while since players have had the chance to explore this type of terrain. As a result, many gamers are eagerly anticipating the upcoming season.

Fans speculate that the jungle biome will likely be situated in the southeastern part of the map, near Mega City. Rumours suggest that Windcatch Lake, located to the east of Mega City, may be an inactive volcano that could erupt and cause destruction similar to what happened to the famous Tilted Towers in the past. The presence of volcanic rocks in the game files further supports this theory. The abundance of geysers in the area may also indicate underground volcanic activity.

There are plenty of leaks about this online, if you just do a simple Google search or have a glance on social media you’ll find a ton of information on it. We’ll keep you posted on any further updates regarding this and Fortnite Battle Royale in general.

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