Let Us Introduce the Fortnite FNCS Winners

Let Us Introduce the Fortnite FNCS Winners
Let Us Introduce the Fortnite FNCS Winners

The long-awaited Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) Global Championship 2023 came to an exciting end this past weekend in Copenhagen, Denmark. This huge event marked the dramatic return of top in-person esports competition since the popular World Cup in 2019. For both players and fans, this tournament represented the peak of high-stakes battle royale action, with the world’s top Fortnite duos facing off for fame, prestige and a massive prize pool.

The road to the World Championship took months, with duos first having to prove themselves in regional contests and online qualifiers over many weekends. Only the best players were able to advance through a tough series of 3 Majors and a Last Chance Major earlier this year. The 75 duos who successfully qualified for the famous Grand Finals in Copenhagen had already shown themselves as the best of the best.

$4 Million Prize Pool Increased Competition

The considerable $4 million total prize pool was a big increase over 2022’s FNCS Invite which offered only $1 million. This much greater reward increased the competitive pressure, with each duo intensely focused on planning, practicing and analyzing their gameplay in hopes of capturing the top prize.

The Grand Finals format divided the 75 teams into an Upper Bracket of 25 duos and a Lower Bracket of 25, who would face off in 6 intense Battle Royale matches. With insane build battles, clever plans and clutch plays happening round after round, the crowds were glued as Fortnite’s next world champions steadily emerged.

Cooper and Mero Dominate to Take 1st Place

Let Us Introduce the Fortnite FNCS Winners (Cooper and Mero)

By the final match, the duo of Cooper and Mero had put together such a dominant performance that 1st place was certain. In the end, Cooper and Mero cemented their victory with an unbeatable 330 points, 59 points ahead of their closest rivals Kami and Setty in 2nd place. For their phenomenal skills, Cooper and Mero took home the $1 million grand prize, the coveted FNCS trophy, and exclusive in-game cosmetic item as rewards.

Interestingly, the newly crowned world champion Mero accomplished this using just a controller rather than the traditional keyboard/mouse setup commonly seen in esports. This shows that controller players can potentially compete with the top mouse-and-keyboard competitors when optimizing their playstyle.

The battle royale recently had a shake up with the user-interface, with a completely new UI being implemented during the Fortnitemares update.

By all accounts, the 2023 FNCS World Championship was a spectacular success and proof of the ever-growing popularity of competitive gaming. The world-class event production and location, along with the excitement of a live audience, showed that the future remains bright for Fortnite esports.

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